The Power of our Microbiome

On Tuesday, August 9, 2016 I held a coaching call with my special guest, Dr. Heidi Dulay. The topic was “The Power of our Microbiome”. Very cool!

The universe of bacteria that lives in the gut is so important! In today’s coaching call, we discuss the Power of Microbiome, good bacteria, and learn how to create a positive immune system!

  • The Gut & The Brain
    The correlation between brain and stomach is constant! Learn how to use this combination properly. Controlling heartburn is  easy. We all have a lust for foods! In this call, we discuss everything from digestive enzymes to heartburn trigger foods. The first line of defense is being informed!
  •  Cause & Affect!
    If you have ever wondered why you feel heartburn on a regular basis, or why you feel tired, bogged down, or just blah- it is your stomach trying to tell you something! Substances produced in the brain affect how we feel, how we sleep, and how we function.
  •  Feeding Good Bacteria
    In addition to tube vegetables(potatoes, yams, root vegetables) – implementing probiotics into your diet, can help you achieve internal, bacterial balance. With a positive balance, you will be able to achieve your weight loss goals, without having to fight the negative side effects of bad bacteria.
  •  Creating Balance
    Your overall health can easily be changed by maximizing good bacteria. The first step is knowing what kinds of foods feed good bacteria. How can they be cooked to ensure you are getting the most nutrients? To peel or not to peel? These are the questions we focus on.

Join us in understanding the Power of Microbiome, and transform the way you eat, the way you think, and the way your body wants to feel! Click on the play button below:

Dr Heidi Dulay has been a clinical nutritionist for twenty years, specializing in weight loss, intermittent fasting and personalized nutrition. She was Adjunct Professor of Health Education at John F Kennedy University for ten years and is Nutrition Chair for the California Health Medical Reserve Corps. She earned her doctorate at Harvard University in human development, and a masters in science at Stanford.

She is currently working on an iPhone app for healing herb blends and is writing Eating 911, a book that answers the question many have asked her over the years: “What should I eat?”

You can email your questions to Dr. Heidi here:

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