Toxic Dry Cleaners

Hi Everyone, Did you know your local cleaners is most likely contributing to your toxic load? You and I both really do not need any more toxins in our bodies. Toxins lead to declining health. Check out the article below I read in the San Carlos Green Newsletter: DRY CLEANING MATTERS  Courtesy of GreenStreets Cleaners […]

Do Cholesterol Drugs Do Any Good?

Hi Everyone, Anyone taking statin drugs out there? I know your cholesterol is down, but how is your sexual dysfunction and muscular pain working for you? It is very common for someone to come in to the Optimal Fitness Lifestyle Center with muscle or joint related pain or inflammation. I often tell them there is […]

FDA warns about mercury fillings

Hi Everyone, Here is a post from my favorite dentist, Dr. Carliza Marcos: Mercury is now finally being recognized as a toxin associated with a realm of symptoms and diseases. In fact, the FDA just recently put out a warning on June 13, 2008 about the risks of mercury fillings on pregnant women and young […]

Amalgam: to remove or not to remove?

Hi Everyone,  Check out this article from my favorite dentist, Dr. Carliza Marcos in San Carlos.  We often refer to Dr. Marcos for those with mercury fillings and TMJ issues. Mercury is something not to be taken lightly. Read the article and see Dr. Marcos to remove your mercury fillings as soon as possible. In Health, Brien […]

The Solution: Resistance Training

Source: Optimal Fitness Newsletter April 16th 2007 You have probably heard about the many benefits of resistance training. Here are just a few: 1. Increase in muscle strength 2. Injury prevention 3. Improved bone density But what about F.A.T. B.U.R.N.? Here are the two reasons that resistance training is the most effective way to B.U.R.N. F.A.T. 1. Oxygen Debt […]