Bulletproof Coffee

Start Your Day with the Bulletproof Coffee Kit!

Bulletproof Coffee Kit I am a big fan of the Bulletproof Coffee & MCT oil combo offered by The Bulletproof Executive. When I drink it I feel amazing clarity and think about food significantly less!

The key seems to be consuming the bulletproof coffee recipe without food and making it a part of an intermittent fasting model. Check out this great video on Bulletproof Coffee:

Recipe: How to Make Bulletproof Coffee®… And Make Your Morning Bulletproof Too

Have you tried it? Contact me with your experience drinking Bulletproof Coffee, or if you have any questions before trying it! Just click on the image to the right to purchase a kit. Don’t forget to purchase Kerrygold butter to add to the recipe. This will be a very excellent addition to your fitness regimen.

Your friend and coach,

Brien Shamp