Check In For A Good Cause


It’s a program by which the Brien Shamp’s Fit Body Boot Camp family can help give back by just working out. Facebook check-ins at our Brien Shamp’s Fit Body Boot Camp locations equals real world good! So every time you check-in on Facebook to your boot camp session you’re a “Sweat Angel” and help us give back to others!


Sweat Angels provides a way for our Boot Camp to do real world good by simply working out and telling others about it through social media.

Every time that you “check-in” on Facebook at any of our Brien Shamp’s Fit Body Boot Camp locations, you contribute to our Boot Camp’s total monthly check-ins. Depending on the sponsored charity of the month, a certain number of check-ins will result in a donation being made to the charity. For every check-in at one of our locations, Brien Shamp’s Fit Body Boot Camp donates to the Sweat Angels organization and the charities receive the benefit. For example, in June, every 10 check-ins results in someone receiving a pair of shoes. We had 92 check-ins and provided just over 9 pairs of shoes to people in need. This goes to show that we have amazing members at Brien Shamp’s Fit Body Boot Camps and we’re just getting started!

Each month, Sweat Angels selects a new charity to support and our donation amount is based off of you! In the past, they’ve helped support military veterans, children in need, animal shelters, victims of natural disasters, and many other great organizations! Every visit to boot camp can equal real world good with your help 🙂


It means for you to get to one of Brien Shamp’s Fit Body Boot Camp’s, check in on Facebook, work up a sweat and feel great that you’re helping a great cause! Spread the word!

July 2017 CAUSE:

During July 2017, every check-in at any of Brien Shamp’s Fit Body Boot Camp locations will provide 100 gallons of safe water to someone in need. We’re working with Causely and H2Opendoors to make it happen. Please add the hashtag #givewater when you check in. For more information about this month’s charity, check out the H2Opendoors website and see for yourself what your check ins mean for someone in need.


First be sure to “Like” our boot camp location Facebook pages listed below so you can check-in to them when you arrive to boot camp. If you do not know how to do a Facebook check-in, we will help you.

Belmont Fit Body Boot Camp (including San Carlos)
Burlingame Boot Camp

Then, after you do your regular check-in on Zen Planner when you arrive to your boot camp session:

  1. Login to Facebook.
  2. Go to your news feed.
  3. Click check-in and choose the location of Brien Shamp’s Fit Body Boot Camp you’re at.
  4. Add the hashtag for the monthly cause e.g.#givewater for this month.
  5. Tag your friends, add a picture or simply tell everyone you’re at the best Boot Camp ever.
  6. Post it and that’s it, we do the rest!

See for a collection of the success in past months for many charities generated just by your check-ins at boot camp! Let’s keep the great work going strong gang!

Remember to register for your boot camp sessions in advance by going to and sign in to your Zen Planner account. Thank you 🙂