Daily Nutrition Record

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Have you ever heard the phrase, “You can’t ‘out-train’ a bad diet?” You really can’t!

So no matter how awesome the structured training program I design for you is, it doesn’t mean much if your diet is out of whack. And a bad diet can mean different things. It can mean eating too much or too little, eating at the wrong times or just eating the wrong foods for your body.

We all have a fuel source that our body prefers. Do you know your optimal fuel source (if you were a car you would run on a very specific type of fuel)?

I am not talking about what foods you like. My favorite foods are pizza, waffles, sandwiches with Dutch crunch bread, pasta, hot fudge sundaes and Diet Coke. Diet Coke is not really a food but you know what I mean right? Who wouldn’t want to eat these fun foods if there were no consequences?

Unfortunately there are consequences; hence, the purpose of this program for the 74% of the population that is overweight and obese. Here’s the deal; most people eat food based upon the taste, convenience, what they grew up eating and what they were told was “healthy.”

But… everyone has their own definition of what healthy means, right? A vegan will claim that they eat “healthy” because they don’t eat any animal-related food sources. A vegetarian may claim they eat a “healthy diet” which includes eggs, fish and dairy. A bodybuilder or athlete may claim they eat a “healthy diet” that includes all kinds of animal-based protein sources.

Do you think your diet is healthy? Why?

If you are lean, energetic, happy, emotionally sound, free of health problems and medications, you just may be “healthy” right now. And I do hope you stay that way! However, if you’re not, then most likely the things you enjoy the most and eat everyday are causing you the most problems.

The bottom line is this: if you want less body fat then you’ve got to tighten up your eating plan and eat right for YOU. Do you want an inexpensive and proven way to figure out your preferred fuel source?

Food Journaling

By simply writing down what you are eating, when and how you feel after you eat, you will generally become more aware of your nutrition and meal habits and end up eating better. You should start connecting the dots and seeing some trends. If you become aware of a food or combination of foods that cause you pain, you should then of course avoid eating it.

You can also send me your journal of food intake, exercise and sleep, indicating how you felt on a scale of 1-10 before, immediately after and 1-2 hours after food consumption. I have a convenient Daily Nutrition Record form below in this webpage that you can fill out (it’s an interactive PDF that you can save to your computer and email to me as well.)

Many weight loss programs that are successful make it mandatory for their clients to do some form of journaling, given it has been proven to be a successful method. I don’t make it mandatory because I know this process is time-consuming, but I do feel when you are in need of help with your nutrition you should consider writing at least a few days of Daily Nutrition Records.

Feel free to contact me with any questions you have at (650) 654-4604 or email info@brienshamp.com any time.

Download the PDF file .