Do Dairy or Dump Dairy?

We had an outstanding Tuesday coaching call on March 15, 2016 with my friend and colleague Dr. Heidi Dulay. I love this woman! She is a truly a gift and a wealth of info. We discussed “Do Dairy or Dump Dairy?”

You can listen to the entire call in the audio player below:

Organic PasturesHere is a list of the topics that we covered during the coaching call:

  • Listen to your body
  • GAPS Diet
  • Pasteurized dairy vs raw. Avoid pasteurized dairy and choose organic and raw. If not raw, choose vat pasteurized: Saint Benoit Products 
  • Kefir* Best form of dairy: Make your own with raw milk (
  • Yogurt- Make your own with raw milk (
  • Butter – Ideally consume raw butter ( Kerrygold butter from grass-fed cows is a good second choice.
  • Cream – Only choose high fat, raw and organic. Great snack is to mix cream + vanilla + a few drops of liquid stevia. Ask for manufactured cream at coffee shops – less lactose (
  • Vat Pasteurized Milk

  • Ghee – No lactose. Good choice to start with.
  • Hard cheeses are better than soft cheese.
  • Whey – High in lactose.
  • Sources of dairy: sheep & goat milk are generally best. Cow milk is hardest to digest.
  • Bulletproof coffee – No need for Dave’s coffee but love the brain octane oil: Bulletproof Coffee
  • Teas: choose loose leaf teas. Recommended: Matcha tea & Pu-erh tea
  • You can  gain and lose weight with dairy. Up the fat to lose weight. Yes…lose weight with more fat consumption. You can gain weight on too much dairy.
  • Avoid homogenized and pasteurized dairy.
  • I love this frother for bulletproof coffee: Milk Frother

Dr Heidi Dulay has been a clinical nutritionist for twenty years, specializing in weight loss, intermittent fasting and personalized nutrition. She was Adjunct Professor of Health Education at John F Kennedy University for ten years and is Nutrition Chair for the California Health Medical Reserve Corps. She earned her doctorate at Harvard University in human development, and a masters in science at Stanford. She is currently working on an iPhone app for healing herb blends and is writing Eating 911, a book that answers the question many have asked her over the years: “What should I eat?”