Spartan Warrior Youth Summer Camp 2017

Spartan Warrior Youth Summer Camp 2017

We finalized the details on the summer camp for kids starting Monday, July 10th (Monday – Friday), 9:30 am – 3:30 pm and every week thereafter.

We will hold the camps at either our San Mateo (866 N. Delaware St) or Belmont (603 Harbor Blvd) location depending on the week.

See the weekly schedule, location and pricing here: Spartan Warrior Summer Camp

The Spartan Warrior Youth Summer Camp will focus on fitness, nutrition and coaching and my #1 hope is that we can transform kids that have not found joy in movement and health.

I know this could well be a challenge, but there is such a need in the Bay Area.

I also hope to encourage kids who are athletes that there is more to being an athlete than just the sport.

During the week, my staff and I will focus on educating and bringing awareness to the 7 daily primal needs just like I attempt to do with adults who want more out of life.

When information comes from someone other than their parents, we just may be able to breakthrough and change some unhealthy patterns.

Kids that attend the camp should experience a new appreciation and awareness for health, nutrition, fitness and the body, improved focus, concentration, self-confidence, posture, digestion, immune function, academic and athletic performance and more.

A Typical Day at Spartan Warrior Youth Summer Camp:

Arrival: Hang as a group and mix in conversation about food (what they had for breakfast, dinner the night before) and life. No judgement.

Workouts: Either at location or off site activity (Rockin’ Jump, Planet Granite, Badminton, Hiking, Twin Pines Park, San Mateo High Track, etc.- open to suggestions around the area).

Our goal is to introduce new forms of movement outside traditional sports. Kids love our ninja warrior based obstacles.

Onsite Workouts/Movement: Mobility routines: self massage and stretching, Spartan workouts, ninja warrior obstacles, core training, strength training (mostly body weight training & light loads with battle ropes, medicine balls, TRX etc.), speed/agility training, games that encourage movement, introduce new Fit RanX Kids Program and more.

Workouts will constantly encourage proper mechanics and posture, posture, posture! They will learn how one’s posture is based upon what they do while sitting each and every day.

We will mix in short workouts during the day, so they won’t hate us and you 🙂

The workouts will not be a competition and we will reinforce teamwork & community. We will not be blowing whistles or yelling at the kids in a boot camp style. If they do not want to be there, we can’t make them.

We will work with all children regardless of athletic abilities to have them achieve their personal best.

We will refund your payment if this is not the right program for your child.

Lunch Break : We will eat lunch as a group and we encourage “healthy” lunches to be brought from home. We can provide some healthy ideas if you are interested.

Workshops : After lunch we will discuss various topics: goals, mindset strategies for life, breathing and stress/anxiety management, need for water, sleep, nutrition, quiet time, rituals to perform at the highest level possible, the dangers of technology, daily movement, etc.

Parents Provide:

  • Healthy lunch
  • Sunscreen
  • Towel

Camp Provides:

  • Healthy snacks
  • Camp t-shirt
  • Expert coaching

Please Register Your Child for the Summer Camp Below:

Boot Camp Members Register Here: Members Only

Registration for Non- Boot Camp Members Here: Registration

*10% Sibling Discount will be applied after purchase*

After you register, please reply to and send us the age of your child and the desired week for the camp.

Please help me share this NEW Spartan Warrior Youth Summer Camp program by sharing this webpage to your friends. Just use the social media sharing links at the top of this webpage.

I am late getting this out in the summer camp world and hope to change the lives of a few kids this summer.

We also offer amazing, fun kid’s Spartan Warrior Obstacle Boot Camp Parties on the weekends! Perfect for birthdays, team celebrations and more! Check out our webpage for Spartan Warrior Youth Party Events for more information.

We take all of the work out of your event and the kids always have a blast!

Your friend & coach,


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