Testimonial: Alison

These past 90 days have demonstrated that I CAN make myself a priority. I CAN workout in the early morning. My obstacles were perceived lack of time, sleep, self-control with food and alcohol and lack of the right program and support. All have been overcome and I’m feeling great. I’m still working on more sleep and drinking more water. I made excuses for lack of time. Time I did have was in the morning and it was up to me to make use of it. Great lifestyle changes made and choices I’m making:

  • Getting up at 5am for 5:30am Boot Camp. I never thought I could manage morning exercise but I’m doing it. Averaging 5 days a week. I WANT this.
  • Going to bed between 9:30-10:30pm. Before this I was going to bed between midnight and 1am and getting up at 6am. I was totally sleep deprived.
  • Got educated about healthy organic food choices. Quinoa, lentils, sunflower butter and protein shakes with healthy fats. Gave up dairy for coconut milk.
  • Not overindulging with beer and vodka at concerts and sporting events. I cut back pretty much completely and I feel good about it. Who needs a hangover?
  • I thought I was addicted to sugar and cookies. I just don’t eat them now and I don’t crave them. That part has been easy.
  • Hydrating. I’m filling up a few extra 20-oz bottles in the morning at Boot Camp and making sure I drink them during the day.
  • Conscious diaphragmatic breathing. Helps me slow down and relax.

I’ve learned that only I can take time for me. Working out in the morning is MY time. Trying to get it done after work didn’t work. This 90-Day Challenge came into my life when I truly needed it most. It was meant to be. I want to encourage others and set a good example by what I do. Most of all, I want good health. No one can really take care of me except me. Some wins have been feeling great and losing 26 pounds and 26 inches. Pants that were 6” away from closing now fit me. My self-esteem is improved.

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