Testimonial: Anna

I started back to boot camp after a frighting doctor’s appointment in which he told me if I didn’t do something about my A1C and cholesterol numbers I would be a diabetic and stroke candidate. I knew I was somewhat overweight but not crazy overweight, and had no idea that my insides were more the problem. I’d worked with Brien on and off for many years with success, and I knew if I was to do the work needed to help myself, he would be the one that could help. I made the call and it just so happened he had just started this challenge, so I signed up! I kick-started the process with his 21 Day Detox program. I’d done the 10 Day Detox before with success in the past but felt I needed a longer time period to really make the change permanent. I also started attending boot camp twice a week in addition to my Pilates. The following are my results to date: I’ve lost 11.3 lbs, 2.6% body fat, and a total of approximately 10″ from head to toe, with the most significant area being my stomach and hips. My cholesterol went down from 274 to 201, however, my A1C is the same. But my doctor is more than thrilled with my progress to date, citing that the A1C will show up in a few months from now and wants me to stay the course. Time will tell. Here are a few things I’ve learned during these past 75 days:

  1. This is not an end but a beginning of the rest of my life feeling healthy and happy.
  2. You won’t change your lifestyle until you’re ready and change your attitude.
  3. It’s easier to change when you do it in a group that can support you! The Facebook page helped as well as all of the encouraging emails from Brien.
  4. It really is about what you put in your mouth, or should I say, what you don’t put in your mouth. I took the time to reintroduce foods into my diet and now have a better sense of what foods are not good for my body and what foods give me the most bang for my buck.
  5. If you falter, it’s okay, don’t beat yourself up. Rather just pick yourself up and keep moving forward. Talk to your trainer, he/she is always there to help.
  6. When you hit a plateau, talk to your trainer, or better yet someone in your group (Thanks Fred!)
  7. I drank more water and morning lemon juice with cayenne pepper.
  8. Sleep, sweet sleep. It was always a challenge in the past finding the right time to work out, and sleep always seemed the thing that got cut short to make the time. Now that my son is old enough to drive himself, a 5:15 pm workout is perfect and I’m getting 7 to 8 hours of sleep a night and I really do feel a ton better in the morning.
  9. Exercise: My physical structure, well let’s just say it has issues. In the past I would repeatedly hurt myself while working out. This time, with the help of Brien making sure I’m not overdoing it, I’m doing well with my workouts.
  10. I changed my attitude and set a realistic goal for myself. I’m not trying to “keep up” with anyone and I’m going at a pace that has kept me injury free.

The most challenging thing for me is preparing the right foods in advance so that I have easy access to good food and snacks. A jar of seed butter and celery is now in the work fridge, and snack bars and jerky occupy my desk drawer and purse in case my morning or afternoon goes south.
I can’t say it enough: “Attitude is everything. You can’t stop the waves, but you can learn how to surf.” I’m hangin’ ten!

Thanks Brien,

Your Friend, Anna

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