Testimonial: Debbie

I am currently 63 years old and as I am getting older my weight keeps creeping higher and higher. Though I like to walk/jog, it was just not taking care of my weight problem. I signed up for Brien Shamp’s Boot Camp through the Belmont Rec Center as I knew I had to do something. Though the reason I originally signed up was because it was the only facility that offered evening workout classes, as soon as my first class on January 2nd started I knew that this was just what I needed: A powerful workout that was different every day. No sloughing off in this class with the instructor making their rounds checking on our form and endurance. Within a couple of classes I had made new friends, all of us struggling and laughing together. My past track record has been gun ho for the first two weeks, and then I would start making excuses as to why I could not continue my exercise routine. But this time it was different, within two weeks my body started to feel different. I felt stronger – I loved it when during the day while working I would feel a set of muscles burn from the workout the night before. I started feeling healthier, stronger. It was the beginning of my fourth week that I joined the 90 day “I am a Priority Challenge”. During the challenge I did the 5 Day Detox and the 10 Day Detox. I have learned to cook and eat healthier, making wiser choices at meal time. I have lost 24 pounds and am well on my way to a healthier rest of my life, thanks to Brien Shamp’s Boot Camp and all of the wonderful instructors for their support and knowledge. They have taught me that I am not just a priority for 90 days, but that I am a priority for the rest of my life.

Thank you for caring and making such a positive healthy change in my life.

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