Testimonial: Jayna

Have you ever heard the term “skinny fat”? I feel lucky to have always appeared thin on the outside, but for a long time was very sick and unhealthy on the inside. A pack of peanut butter M&M’s, Vanilla Coke and cheese sticks were a sufficient lunch for me. Breakfast was never a meal and dinner usually consisted of fast food or something packaged and easy to warm up. Energy drinks are what got me through the day after lack of sleep.

I used to think the people who went to bed early and ate healthy were the unhappy ones. I thought that way until I found Brien Shamp’s boot camps. Changing the way I eat and my habits has changed my life. By cutting out dairy my asthma has been cured. I have sustained energy without the crash from a sugar high. Boot camp has also changed my view of exercise. Cardio was my only exercise of choice because I thought weights and resistance training would make me bulky. I was wrong, it changed me from “skinny fat” to “skinny fit”.

With weight loss not being my primary goal, why did I join a transformation challenge? A question that left some curious. Inspired by the last transformation winner, Alex, my focus for this challenge was to get faster, stronger, and to look as strong as I feel. I replaced fat with lean muscle, and have been not only meeting but surpassing my performance goals.

This challenge also came with just that – challenges! Seeing vitamins, supplements and exercise programs posted all over social media on how to achieve the results I was seeking in a short amount of time, I became discouraged. Through the help of Brien Shamp and my instructor Mike, I was guided to keep working towards my performance goals and the results would show with time.

They were right! My results didn’t come from a special drink, pill or quick fix program. It came from hard work and patience. It came from eating clean, fulfilling and nutrient dense meals. It came from picking up a 30 lb medicine ball instead of a 20 lb one. It came from being disciplined enough to get to sleep on time to wake up at 4 am so I can run with a headlamp on before boot camp. It came from setting goals and working my hardest to meet them.

Being a mom of 2 young children, both born by C-sections, I am feeling and looking stronger than I ever have – even during my most athletic days as a teenager. My hope is for everyone to know that you can achieve results and your goals in time if you put in the work. Let Brien Shamp and his instructors be your guide. Celebrate your wins and learn from your losses. You are worth every moment that you are making your health a priority!

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