Testimonial: Jennifer

As I began this years’ [75-Day Holiday Transformation] challenge I was definitely challenged in my personal life, including planning my own wedding for June. The amount of time and energy I must commit to these situations is physically exhausting and emotionally taxing. [I knew] the only thing I can count on right now is myself and THIS challenge.

Each day when things are overwhelming I do my “Supine Breathing”. It calms me almost immediately. I have upped my boot camp attendance as it revitalizes me to face each days’ struggles. I’m feeling physically stronger AND I’ve accomplished more than I thought possible by being rewarded with emotional strength as well.

I’m probably not getting the true recovering sleep I need, but as the dust begins to settle, I AM working on that. I CAN’T IMAGINE HOW BROKEN I WOULD FEEL IF I DIDN’T GET TO BUILD MYSELF BACK UP WITH THESE CLASSES and communication with Brien. I am following Brien’s meal recommendations for strength and nutrition.

At this moment in time, Brien Shamp’s Boot camp is a GOD send and the only reason I am able to be the “hero” for those who need me (including myself).

I can pull on my “used to be too tight shorts” without unbuttoning them! I’ve begun making certain I’m rolling, stretching and or doing some form of movement while I watch TV! Things are going well.

[I had to go] a couple of weeks without boot camp due to a medical emergency which left me having a minor surgery and bedridden on antibiotics. I’ll admit at first I easily fell into a depression. “How can I strive in this challenge while bedridden?” “The prize is slippin’ through my hands!” BUT I woke up one morning and told myself, “This isn’t about the money! This is about the BIG picture. I HAVE lost weight! I AM stronger! THAT’S the prize!!!” And allowing myself to be dragged down by negative thoughts will truly allow THAT prize to slip through my hands! It’s the inspiring daily Facebook posts by you Brien that help me keep “my eye on THE PRIZE: a better me!” So, I’ve already won!

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