Testimonial: Joe

This is Joe’s second entry on our transformations page. His photos and essays are a wonderful inspiration!

This [2015] 75 Day Challenge has been transformative in the way that I have actually managed to maintain my weight through the holidays for one of the first times in my life. I feel like others may have had a bigger transformation over the past 75 days but if we back things up to March of this year, that’s when I went through my most recent transformation.

It was in March of 2015 that I met with you to talk about dieting and staying healthy and injury free. Originally, my reasoning was to win a bet that I had with Nick Lamb. We made a bet that whoever lost the most weight in March, the other guy had to wash his car. I am VERY competitive so I took this challenge very seriously. After meeting with you to go over the 28 day skinny jeans challenge, I decided to commit to the foods and strategies outlined in the plan. I was also blown away by the education I received in reading about fruits and their fructose vs. glucose levels. I committed to eating many more vegetables and much less fruit. Immediately, weight that I’d been carrying around since the 75 Day Challenge last holiday season fell off. I had never really broken the 205-210 range, not matter how much I worked out. Nick and I both started the month at 213 pounds. That month, I lost 11 pounds and approached the 200 lb mark for the first time since my freshman year of college in 1997.

I decided to continue to eat healthy and to sign up for a bunch of races over the summer. As I continued eating foods that were better for me and made me feel so much better, I continued to lose weight. I still remember the day I finally broke the 200 lb mark. It was just before Easter. I remember fighting SO hard to keep my weight down through Easter and all of Spring Break. I learned that I could make it through the break if I kept my mind on eating well. I managed to go camping and everything without gaining.

Mike King has been really influential for me in my training. Not only is he a great friend and character at boot camps, he is a real leader and a great trainer. He holds me accountable, leads by example and continues to care for each one of us at the boot camps. Through his guidance, I’ve climbed from the top 25% of Spartan racers into the top 2% in my age group and 5% overall. I qualified for the OCR World Championship in Ohio in October. I took my whole family. Up until the final 1/4 mile when my hands completely fatigued out, I was 5th in my division…almost making my first podium. I ended up finishing 15th which was still great for me. I plan to keep racing in 2016.

So where do I stand today…leaner, more muscular and LIGHTER than I was in HIGH SCHOOL!!! I now weigh 182 pounds!!! I graduated high school in 1997 weighing 185 pounds and I didn’t have half the amount of muscle that I do today. We play an annual soccer game on New Years Day with all of my old high school buddies. The “fat” picture you have of me up in the office was taken at that game just a few years ago, weighing in at 265 pounds!!! I can’t wait to run with those guys this year after all my training and weight loss! I feel like this is the first time since high school that I’ll be able to run circles around them.

Brien, thanks for all that YOU do for all of your boot campers. I am indebted to you for your generosity to we teachers. I really couldn’t afford something like this if it wasn’t for the plan that you have us on. I don’t take it for granted at all. And thanks for hiring SO many wonderful trainers. I feel like I can go to ANY bootcamp and be welcomed and challenged by your knowledgeable, respectful and kick ass staff!!

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