Testimonial: Joe

My entire life I’ve been like a pendulum swinging to extremes… in my weight, in my work, in all the actions of my life. My goal during this challenge was not be become the pendulum I’ve been in the past, swinging so far into a lifestyle that is unsustainable for me, but rather to create a steady, consistent lifestyle that reinforced good, healthy habits. Too often I’ve participated in diets, exercise programs and runs of all kind and I find that once I’ve completed the total immersion of that plan, I immediately return to my old, unhealthy habits. I believe that the goals I set for this challenge were, for the first time, reasonable and long-lasting. And for that reason, I believe I reached my goals.

Before this challenge I was working out (boot camps and running) about 3-7 times a week. During this challenge, I didn’t change my fitness frequency very much. However, I became much more mindful of my nutrition. And I became a lot more mindful about how my musician lifestyle interferes with my goals and physique. As a musician, I am often out late playing gigs. This causes me to have a sporadic sleep cycle and it forces me to miss workouts in the morning from time to time. Not to mention, I often come out of my gigs hungry, which usually results in eating fast food LATE at night and right before I go to sleep. During this challenge, I became mindful of these habits and it helped me to prepare my meals before I went out to play at night. This really helped me to keep my weight under control during my past show. And when I couldn’t make boot camps, I scheduled in trail running time during the day to compensate for the missed workout.

“What are your hobbies?” I was asked by one of my colleagues. I thought about it for a while and realized I work so much that I don’t have any hobbies. Aside from work (music), I really don’t have many things that I’m passionate about… except my fitness. I began to realize that taking care of my body IS my hobby. And as I realized this, I began to dive in deeper, signing up for more races, researching fitness and I began to put some more money into my hobby for gear and races. I’ve now run the Spartan Sprint and Super. I really wanted to run the Beast but I can’t get away during that weekend but I plan to run the Atlas race in Temecula in February. I’m also signing up for 10ks, Half Marathons and other OCRs. I’ve found a few people in the boot camps that love racing as much as I do so it’s great to have some friends attending the races with me. The Shamp workout team is a great group to hang with.

I finished the challenge losing 9 pounds, 3% body fat and 3 inches on my waist. I still have a ways to go and I’m ready to continue my progress until I ultimately achieve my physical goals. I’ve attached some pictures from 2 years ago to the email. I’ve been on a real journey with my weight. Everyone in my family is over 250 pounds… my sisters, my dad and my mom before she passed away at 53 from heart failure. I’ve been diagnosed with A-Fib as a 35-year old and it scared me into taking care of myself. I like to say, “I’m putting the oxygen mask over my face first,” meaning I’m taking care of myself so that I can continue to take care of my wife and kids for years to come.

I weighed 265 pounds at my highest and I’m now down to 209. With the help of the boot camps, your wonderful instructors and programs and the races that we are all training for, I believe I’ll be fit and alive for years to come. Thank you so much for all YOU do Brien. This is truly an amazing program. I’m very thankful for all your support.

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