Testimonial: Susan

My fiftieth birthday was a blast until I reviewed the party photos and saw how flabby my arms had become. Aauugh!!! What happened? Who is that woman in the pictures?

Over the next three years I thought I’d work my way back to the firmer Susan, but it just didn’t happen. Shopping for clothes wasn’t so fun anymore, for I dreaded the three-way mirror’s moment of truth about the effects of aging and gravity on my derriere, arms, and legs. “I am so old! I can’t wear sleeveless tops anymore… where did my butt go? Growing old sucks.” “You really should lift weights…you need to get to the gym, Susan!”

Then my friend’s Facebook post hit me… Join Brien Shamp’s 90-Day Body Transformation Program, risk-free. “I’m tired of feeling bad about how I look. Time to go for it!”

Here I am now, almost 90 days later and I feel so much better about myself. My results to date are fabulous:

  • My weight has decreased from 141.8 to 135.8 = down 6 pounds (goal was 136 lbs.)
  • My BMI has produced the most significant improvement from 28.7 to 20.7 = down 8%
  • My body age dropped from 33 to 30

The results have come from the combination of a few things:

  • Set goals and check on the progress daily: weigh myself every day at home, and once or twice/week at class. Log progress.
  • Attend Brien’s Boot Camp 3-4 times/week
    • Plan the week so that my workouts are prioritized
    • Work earnestly to make the most of each workout
    • Create relationships with others in the class who have similar goals – support each other and have fun
  • Stick to the nutrition plan
    • Paleo structure, with no dairy, grains or sugar
    • Drink lots of water
  • Wear the FitBit and keep pace with step goals each day

I’ve hired personal trainers four different times over the past 12 years, and I’ve never had the progress that I’ve seen with this program. I enjoy the fast pace of the class. The variety keeps me interested, and the availability of class times works for me.

I would love to win this challenge, and what I will do if I’m allowed is apply the prize toward membership. This is now a way of life for me, and I’ve inspired others in my circle of friends to follow me and join as well.

Thank you Brien, Shannon, Mike, Gerard and Tonya for encouraging me along the way. I now feel confident to wear sleeveless dresses just in time for spring and summer, and the best part is that I have turned off my negative self-talk and become my own health cheerleader.

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