Testimonial: Yuri

The past few years have been hectic ones. I’m sure everyone can relate to starting a new job, often with lots of stress and demands, moving to a new town where you don’t have family, and trying to juggle your personal interests with those new changes. Five years ago- I went to the gym three times a week, where I did weights and some sprinting, then twice a week I did pilates and a 30 minute run (3 miles). When I moved here I stopped working out because I was worried that I wasn’t logging enough hours at work or would miss something.

I found myself continuing to eat as I had previously and discovered Sprinkles™. After working for 16 hours, I would think, I deserve a nice Sprinkles cupcake and Whole Foods pizza. Slowly, I started realizing that all the “emergencies” weren’t real emergencies and that I had gained 30 pounds over a 3 year period. I also realized that no one at work is going to say “Hey, maybe you should take some time for yourself, go to the gym, spend time cooking,etc. !” I had joined Brien’s camp previously but stopped coming because I thought I would be better off at a gym where I could go on my time. That was a big mistake. Because, what I learned was that I paid the monthly fee but never went.

This year, I my resolution was to take more time for myself and do what I want to do. This included cooking, eating healthier, spending time on the stuff I like to do and my hobbies. As part of this process, I joined Bootcamp again and have felt more energized and am happier. The muscles are starting to show again. While, I did not reach my personal goal of 20 pound weight loss, I have lost seven pounds and 7% body fat. This in combination with my previous weight loss led me to lose a total of 16 pounds since April.

In addition, I went on a run recently and while I am not at my 3 miles per 30 minutes, I was at 2.5 miles for 30 min (with a 5 minute warm-up and cool down included). It felt great to just go out and enjoy a nice day and a run in the sun 🙂

My goal is still to lose an additional 20 pounds to get to where I was before I forgot what was really important—living life to the fullest and best possible version of what makes you happy. For me that is spending time with family and friends (and mini schnauzer), enjoying my hobbies and eating good food. I am very happy to have made my way back to Bootcamp because it keeps things interesting, gets my body back in shape to not only enjoy bootcamp but other activities and keeps me accountable through the great team members (both the staff and fellow bootcampers). Thank you for this journey!

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