Brien Shamp wrote an article on Cellulite that was featured in Ms. Fitness Magazine in the Winter 2004 issue. If you have cellulite learn about what you can do to rid yourself of it. Don’t waste your money on products that do not work.

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Given the great summer weather, people want to wear fewer clothes. This can be good or bad. For some this is causing stress and therefore after several requests, this week’s article is about the dreaded…Cellulite. There are many misnomers about what is cellulite, the causes and the treatment. Bottom line is that if you want to rid yourself of cellulite it will take a lot of dedication (work). Save your money, you are not going to get results from the cellulite creams, diet pills, or products that claim results in 48 hours!

What Is Cellulite?

In the past cellulite was widely considered a fat disorder. Recent medical research has discovered that it is primarily a disease of the circulatory system that deforms the connective tissue. The fatty tissue immediately below the surface of your skin (subcutis) rests on top of and is bonded to a firm layer of collagen connective tissue. This fatty tissue keeps us warm, cushions us and protects our bones. The subcutis will remain smooth and supple as long as the fat cells remain strong, healthy and flexible. Although it is the fat bulging upwards that causes the irregularity in skin appearance, i.e. cellulite, the root cause is now thought to be the weakening of the tiny blood and lymph drainage vessels that maintain a fresh supply of nutrients in the tissues as well as removing damaging toxins.

Why Does This Happen?

No one really knows why this happens but it is thought that there are several factors that play major rolls.

  1. Free Radicals
    Free Radicals are highly reactive toxins that are found everywhere in the environment and in our bodies. They react to almost everything they come in contact with so they are very damaging. Free radicals will not only attack healthy cells, including fat cells but they can be the main agents of damage to our circulatory system that results in cellulite.
  2. Sluggish Blood Circulation and Lymph Flow
    The job of the circulatory system is to carry nutrients to the cells of the body, while the lymph carries toxins away. According to cellulite researcher Elizabeth Dancey (The Cellulite Solution – Hodder & Stoughton, 1996) when the cells in the skin, called fibroblasts, are deprived of oxygen they begin to clump together. When they are called upon to repair damaged collagen, instead of thin, healthy fibers they create fibers that are thick and stringy.
  3. Bad Diet and Poor Digestion
    The body stores dietary toxins that the liver can’t detoxify in the cells under the skin. Some of the sources that toxins can originate from are: junk food, poor water sources, environmental pollutants, artificial sweeteners and from incomplete digestion.
  4. Estrogen Imbalance
    An excess of estrogen is believed to cause the weakening of the connective tissue that allows the fat to bulge up into the skin. Estrogens are found in conventional meats that have been induced with hormones, plastics (i.e. bottled drinking water, baggies) and tap water. Estrogen status can be evaluated through simple lab tests.
  5. Lack of Exercise
    The lymphatic system is dependent on movement to keep the lymph flowing. The theory is that lack of exercise causes poor lymphatic and blood circulation and in particular poor lymph drainage. With poor drainage the skin becomes bloated with excess fluid. It is this excess fluid that prevents the incoming blood from reaching the tissues, as well as causing a build up of damaging free radicals.

The Solution

Beating cellulite is a five-step process.

  1. Reduce and Repair Free Radical Damage
    Our bodies protect themselves from the continuous onslaught of free radicals with agents known as antioxidants. These are a group of substances that include vitamins, enzymes and many herbal extracts. They are most abundantly available in fresh herbs, fruit and vegetables, and best immediately after they have been harvested and when they have been organically grown. Vitamins C and E as well as beta-carotene (the building block for vitamin A) have been found to be particularly effective. Even more powerful are certain herbal extracts that act as antioxidants. At the Center we can do Nutrition Response Testing (NRT) to find the best antioxidants for you. The Center also offers BioTerrain Testing to measure your free radical activity byproducts (malondialdehydes or MDA) in urine, providing an accurate assessment of free radical levels.
  2. Boost Blood Circulation and Lymph Flow
    Body brushing, essential oils, massage and exercise can boost your circulation. (Two more therapies that would be beneficial and that we hope to have at the Center in the near future are Cold Laser and Ion Therapy – I will write more one those when we offer the services.) Now here is a tongue twister yet it seems to help. A simple routine like daily dry body brushing with a natural-bristled brush that has medium-hard bristles followed by moisturizing your skin with essential oils will help increase circulation and flow. Daily jumping on a trampoline has shown to be very effective for boosting blood circulation and lymph flow even for only 5 to 10 minutes!
  3. Exercise
    An ideal cellulite workout includes cardiovascular exercise (i.e. jumping on trampoline, walking, jogging, or swimming), and an anaerobic exercise workout with a focus on thighs, hips, and buttocks. The cardiovascular or aerobic workout improves blood and lymphatic circulation, promotes sweating which helps detoxify the skin, and burns fat. The anaerobic workout (i.e. resistance training, cardio-vascular intervals) is important because it promotes an increase in lean body mass, increases your metabolic rate, and therefore decreases the toxins and body fat. For more information on exercise programs contact the Center at 650-654-4604 or by Email. We can do on-line training any where in the world with our new on-line training systems.
  4. Healthy Diet and Nutrients for YOU
    What most people do not know is that good digestion is the single biggest factor in maintaining good health. It does not matter what you eat if the nutrients from the food are not assimilated to give us energy for all of our bodily functions. As stated by Dr. Mercola, Metabolic Typing is the ideal program to find out the specific nutrients you need and is something we offer to clients. You do not need to be here at the Center to do the testing. We also offer a medical detoxification program that has shown to be a very fast and effective way to rid the body of excess toxins and body fat. For more information contact the Center at 650-654-4604 or by Email.

Essential Fatty Acids

I have written several newsletters on the benefits of essential acids (EFAs). EFAs are primary building blocks for your cells and facilitate the cells to be flexible instead of rigid. Strength and flexibility are what keep skin smooth, supple, and attractive. In nature EFAs occur in cold water fish, raw seeds and nuts, and in some vegetables and whole grains. Beware of the quality of your food. Food processing intentionally extracts the healthy EFAs from their natural plant sources and chemically treats them through a process called “hydrogenation”. The purpose of hydrogenation is to extend shelf life. All commercial baked goods, processed food, and fried foods are LOADED with hydrogenated and partially hydrogenated oils. These oils are chemically altered, molecularly distorted EFAs and they are NOTHING BUT BAD FOR YOU. So eat organic!

Cut WAY BACK On Sugar and “Bad” Fat

Both sugar and “bad” fats add to the free radical load. For more information about the best fats for you ask us about Metabolic Typing.

Eat Protein at Every Meal

When circulation and lymph flow are blocked fluid will leak from the cells into the surrounding tissues. Protein, however, contains albumin that will help prevent this leakage.

Add Coconut Oil

Coconut Oil, (virgin and organic of course) increases thyroid function, which increases the metabolic rate, and in turn reduces body fat and the storage of toxins and free radicals.




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