Toxic Dry Cleaners

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Did you know your local cleaners is most likely contributing to your toxic load? You and I both really do not need any more toxins in our bodies. Toxins lead to declining health. Check out the article below I read in the San Carlos Green Newsletter:


Courtesy of GreenStreets Cleaners

In 1848 a tailor spilled turpentine on a heavily stained tablecloth and noticed its cleaning powers. To this day, garments are dry cleaned with chemicals without any use of water. The most commonly used chemical in dry cleaning is called Perchloroethylene (or PERC).The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has identified PERC as a toxic ground water and air contaminant, as well as a carcinogen. In 2010, the State of California will ban the purchase and use of new PERC machines due to its harmful effect on both human health and the environment.

The dry cleaning industry is the largest user of PERC in the United States, and approximately 85% of dry cleaning plants use PERC as their primary solvent. Exposure to PERC occurs through its release into air, water, land and groundwater. Exposure also occurs from spending time in dry cleaning facilities that use PERC, or bringing garments dry cleaned with PERC into your home.

Check out a new eco friendly dry cleaner in Belmont called GreenStreets.

GreenStreets uses a hydrocarbon-based solvent called EcoSolv. EcoSolv is a 100% biodegradable, non-toxic, and odorless dry cleaning fluid that does not pollute the air, soil or water. All waste by-products are collected by licensed recycling companies. EcoSolv® has proven to be a highly effective cleaning solvent when compared to its hydrocarbon and silicon-based rivals.

GreenStreets is also one of the only cleaners in the Bay Area to exclusively use a non-toxic cleaning detergent from Seventh Generation for laundering shirts and other clothing. The detergent is non-toxic, biodegradable, and contains no phosphates, artificial fragrances or dyes.

Be truly green and remember to return your hangers for reuse and forego a plastic bag by bringing your own reusable garment bag.

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if you live in the Bay Area check out GreenStreets Cleaners in Belmont: I am going to bring my clothes there for sure.

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