College of San Mateo Baseball Post-Season Workout 05/3/10 w/Trainers Brien Shamp & Mike Salemi

Congratulations Coach Doug Williams and CSM Bulldogs on your 9th Straight Conference Title. This is also my 9th year with the team. Great to be with a winning team. Now, onto the Final Four.

Final Four Workout

Circuit: Perform 2 Rounds for 1 minute each (9 stations, 4 people at each)

1. Split Squats with Foot on Bench (6-8 reps)
2. T-Bar Row (8-10 reps)
3. Single Leg Deadlift with DB (6-8 reps)
4. Floor Plate Press (3-5 reps)
5. Db Swings with Side Step (30s)
6. Standing BB Rotation  (30s)
7. Hanging Crunches (30s)
8. D2 Pattern (Diagnol Pattern  High to Low) (30s each side)
9.Plate Reverse Wood Chops with Pivot (Low to High) (30s each side)

If you can not see the video below go to: Baseball BLOG

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In Fitness and Health,

Brien Shamp and Mike Salemi