College of San Mateo Baseball Final Four Workout with Personal Trainer & Strength Coach Brien Shamp 5/19/10

The College of San Mateo Baseball Team has done it. They are on their way to the Final Four in Fresno. They play their first game on Friday. We had our last workout of the year and it is posted below. The goal was to not be sore on Friday, but to work on mobility, speed, agility, power and circulation. Reps were low for this workout.

Final Four Workout

Circuit: Perform 2 Rounds for 1 minute each

  1. Agility Ball (60s)
  2. Burpees with In-Out Bonus (6)
  3. Forward-Back Slalom with 5 Yard Sprint (4)
  4. Medicine Ball Trunk Rotation Against Wall (6)
  5. Side Squat Touch (6)
  6. Modified Superman (60s)
  7. Backwards Lunges with Medicine Ball Rotation (6)
  8. Side Hops (4) to Sprint (4)

If you can not see the video below go to: Baseball BLOG

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In Fitness and Health,

Brien Shamp