Athletic Performance

Athletic Performance Program:Building the Complete Athlete

  • INCREASE Multi-Directional Speed, Agility, Acceleration and Quickness (SAAQ)
  • ENHANCE Strength, Endurance and Power
  • IMPROVE Flexibility, Mobility, Stability and Core Strength
  • UNDERSTAND the Role of Nutrition and Performance
  • REDUCE the Likelihood of Injuries
  • INCREASE Performance and Reach Your True Potential

Brien Shamp’s Sports Specific Evaluation

The Sports Specific Comprehensive Evaluation is a thorough assessment of posture, flexibility, mobility, breathing, strength, body composition, coordination, skill, nutrition intake, hydration status, endurance, power, gait, balance, stability, body composition, functional & sport movement and agility. The evaluation serves as a baseline for the athlete and helps us determine individual strength’s & weaknesses. From this we can also uncover musculo-skelteal imbalances that may be limiting performance and contributing to a current pain situation. Generally if these imbalances are not minimized they ultimately lead to injury.

An analysis of the baseline, in conjunction with the athlete’s goals and imbalances, will then be used to design a unique, safe and effective program specific to the individual.

The depth of these customized programs is similar to the programs used by professional athletes.

A ideal personalized program will also typically involve Nutrition & Lifestyle Coaching using the Metabolic Typing Program.

Every Performance Program includes:
Daily structured program based upon the findings from the evaluation and goals
Lifestyle and nutrition recommendations

In the ideal world, an athlete’s program should be revised every 2-6 weeks depending on skill and fitness level (2 weeks for the elite athlete and 4-6 weeks for the beginner). We recommend a coaching session at least one time per month for more challenging programs to avoid plateaus, prevent injuries and to reach the highest potential possible.

Brien works with high school and college teams to develop year round sports-specific programs. These programs typically consists of 5 phases:

1. Self Massage Warm-Up

2. Dynamic Warm-Up

3. Core Program

4. Speed, Agility, Acceleration & Quickness Program (SAAQ)

5. Integrative Strength Program

6. Family or Team Nutrition Plan

Brien’s expertise is in Baseball Performance Enhancement; however, all athletes who compete in explosive sports may benefit.

If you are interested in a sports specific program please contact us at or 650-654-4604.

“Brien has helped our women’s basketball team tremendously in the areas of strength, conditioning, speed and agility. In just a short period of time we have seen an improvement in our players.

Stephanie Duke
Women’s Basketball Coach
Notre Dame de Namur University

Brien stands alone with regards to expertise, passion and custom fitness programs.  I refer my patients to no one else.  For athletic injury prevention and enhanced performance, Brien is the best I’ve found. He was instrumental in training my daughter to compete at a high level in volleyball after a serious knee injury.

As a chiropractor, every youth athlete I treat has different needs for peak performance. Brien always seems to find those subtle mechanical faults that most trainers never see.

When my patients request a fitness trainer, Brien is always my first choice. Why? … expertise, individualized fitness prescriptions and a beautiful facility.

Richard Kemp, D.C.
San Carlos, CA

“Brien brought a new dimension to our strength and conditioning.  He helped each player identify their needs and developed a program that was specific to their tendencies and movements. Our team immediately recognized improvements in the areas of flexibility, balance, core strength, nutrition and injury prevention. As the season progressed, Brien’s precise planning for each athlete allowed them to compete at the highest level while making individual gains. Players were motivated by his coaching and dedicated to get the most out of themselves.”

George Husack, Head Coach
University of Santa Clara Men’s Tennis