CSM Baseball TABATA Workout 10/1/10: Strength, Power, Speed, Agility, Performance with Brien Shamp

Fall Baseball Workout #4

Here is our first real lifting day. The team did awesome. Great job the last couple weeks getting ready for more intense workouts.  Here is the workout for Monday & Wednesday below.

Circuit: Perform 2-3 Rounds for 90s each (8 stations, 6 people at each) *Perform as many sets as possible in the 90 sec period after a rest period in which you feel rested *Focus on 3B’s-Keep Belly & Bladder In; Butt Tucked as Needed *30s Rest in between exercises

1. Back Box Squats  (5 Reps) *1st set warm-up with the bar only *Hips Back *Explode Up *Touch Box
2. Plate Bent Over Rows (45s) *Hips Back *Butt Out *Squeeze Shoulder Blades–> Plank (45s) *Lock
3. Rack Pull to Knees (5) *Hips Back *Butt Out *Lock   Shoulder Blades *Explode Up
4. KB Farmers Walk (45s) *Keep Shoulders Back & Down * Core Tight –> Walking Lunges with Arm Swing (45s)  *Explode Up
5. DB Ball Close Grip Press (5) *Keep Shoulders Back & Down * Core Tight *Hips Up
6. 5 Yard Lateral Shuffle Drill (6 touches) *Stay Low *Game Speed
7. MB Side to Side Rotation (45s) *Keep Shoulders Back & Down *Game Speed–> MB Sit Up Toss (45s)
8. Straight Arm Pulldowns (45s) *Feet Together  *Pulldowns (45s) *Keep Shoulders Back & Down *Athletic Stance

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