November Great American Smoke-Out ..Quit with Clinical Hypnosis

Here is an article from My friend Gwenn Henkel, Clinical Hypnotherapist:

Every year in November on the third Thursday of the month, is the Great American Smoke-Out. ½ This is the time that so many people stop smoking for the day, and hope for it to begin the end of their smoking habit. ½ Most people can’t even make it through that day without a cigarette.

Cigarette smoking is a habit that is stored in the subconscious mind. ½ Will power is in the conscious mind and is the wrong tool to use to stop a habit like cigarette smoking. ½ You must go to the subconscious mind where the behavior is stored. ½ Using clinical hypnosis makes this process very easy and natural to do.½

By the time most people try hypnosis to help them stop smoking, they have tried everything that is available both over the counter and or prescribed by their physicians. ½ I remember one client telling me his doctor gave him Wellbutrin and all that did was make him a “happy smoker!” Don’t take me wrong now.½ This is a medication that will work for some people.½ But the bottom line is, they still have the “behavior” to deal with. ½ That is where hypnosis comes in.

It is important that a person completely understands how hypnosis works, so that they will just relax and let it happen. ½ The first four days while the nicotine is leaving the body, can be the most challenging. ½ It is interesting to know that certain foods added to ones diet or left out of their diet, can change how a person feels during that crucial time. ½ It is the alkaline chemical that changes in the system that can make it so uncomfortable during that time. ½ Having certain foods in the diet or taken out of the diet, helps keep the alkaline balance even so that the cravings are minimal or not even present in most cases. ½ Having the hypnosis recorded during the session, is also helpful for the client to have for additional support.

I have a great story of a client of mine who had smoked 3 packs a day for 30 years. ½ He was only 51 and really feeling the affects of smoking so much for so long. He said he could barely climb a flight of stairs and his cough was terrible. You could just hear the years of smoking in his voice. ½ To top this situation off, he was at the time, a used car salesman. ½ He said that he and the other salesmen spent their days standing around smoking in the car lot waiting for customers.

This man’s biggest fear was that he couldn’t be hypnotized! ½ Even after explaining how simple it is to do, he was still afraid that it wouldn’t work for him. ½ He just couldn’t believe it could be that easy. ½ Well long story short, after smoking 7 cigarettes in just fifteen minutes before using hypnosis, he was a non-smoker after hypnosis and that was 10 years ago.

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