SF Bay Area Fit Body Boot Camp Challenge Day 10/22/2010

SF Bay Area Fit Body Boot Camp Workout of the Day 10/22/2010

Fat Loss Challenge Day – Total Body Workout

Each Friday we will have a challenge workout for you to test your fitness against others in the class or on the web across the country.

Rep Circuit:

Perform each of the 5 exercises for : 45 seconds and then follow with :15 seconds of recovery. Campers count ALL of their reps for all 5 exercises for their total. Perform 2-3 sets and encourage them to beat their totals from each prior set.

Here are the 5 Exercises:

Prisoner Squats

Tuck Jump (perform push-up, immediately follow with tuck jump then back to push-up…)

Inverted Rows

Full Sit ups

Frog Jumps


:45 sec Prisoner squats (count)

:15 sec Recovery

:45 sec Tuck jump (count)

:15 sec Recovery

:45 sec Inverted Rows (count)

:15 sec Recovery

:45 sec Full Sit ups (count)

:15 sec Recovery

:45 sec Frog jumps (count)

:15 sec Recovery

2-3 minutes Rest and Repeat

Please post your time of the workout in the comment section below so we can see how you did.

Thank you.


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Please add your comments below on the workout.

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SF Bay Area Fit Body Boot Camp

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