The Healthy Food Trap

Do you eat healthy, exercise regularly and yet haven’t been able to achieve your goal weight? You’re not alone.

You’ve fallen into the healthy food trap. This is the faulty belief that just because one says a food is healthy that means it is true for you. We hear that something is healthy all the time. Your friend or family member in the network marketing company does their best to convince you that you need to spend $100 per month on the latest fad supplement. Your doctor says that the vegetarian or vegan diet is the perfect diet for you. Your body builder friends say that tuna out of the can, chicken and rice should be the main staples of your diet.

So confusing to be human these days. Keep it simple, ask yourself how you feel 1-2 hours after you eat. If you feel worse, the food or combinations of foods you consumed created stress to your physiology. Negative symptoms (bloating, gas, lack of focus, skin breakout, sugar cravings, etc) are signs that should be listened to and related to the foods you ate.

Another way to figure out which foods are poisons to your body is to do a simple blood test. Although a lot more pricey, you will learn which foods are not healthy for you. For more information: Food Sensitivity Testing

Weight loss, health improvement and vitality is about finding the right healthy foods for you. “Healthy” means nothing these days.

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