11 Ways to Get Super Fit & Healthy in 2011!

Are you ready to get super fit this year? Feel better than ever? Be less tired? Be less stressed?Wanna know a secret?Don’t Try To Do It On Your Own. I warn you, it does not work!

Yes, for the majority of the population, trying to get fit on your own does not work. Even for many people that see personal trainers, they are not reaching their weight loss and overall health goals. Here is why… the average client only sees a personal trainer 2x per week and unfortunately doesn’t do anything else on their own. To be fit, healthy and to lose body fat you must do some kind of movement daily. And, even more important is to follow a nutrition & lifestyle program that moves you towards your health & fitness goals.

Here is something else you may not know…I don’t even like working out on my own and rarely do it. I enjoy hiking with my family, working out with friends and anything that gets me moving. I like you need a community of like-minded people to support me in the achievement of my health & fitness goals.

Here are some ways for you to get fit and healthy in 2011:

  1. Get a dog and walk it 🙂
  2. Find a friend or family member and schedule daily or weekly workouts-hiking, walking, my boot camps, your house, work gym, health club, etc
  3. Join a meet-up group of like minded people. Checkout my meet up group here: Optimal Fitness Lifestyle
  4. Meet with a Personal Trainer at least 2x per week. Consider doing it with a friend or friends to save money so you can continue for a few months or years
  5. If you belong to a gym, join a group class. Please do something besides the elliptical or a treadmill. The results from doing cardio only are minimal. Trust me on this.
  6. Plan and prepare your meals. Never go hungry or full. If you are hungry, you will tend to make bad choices to fulfill your needs quickly. The brain hates being hungry!
  7. Try something new: Pilates, yoga, martial arts, a sport, etc.
  8. Check out the parks and rec guide in your community-lots of good movement classes
  9. Workout in the morning before work-the research says this leads to the highest rate of adherence and goal achievement
  10. Take a walk or go to the gym at lunch

#11 Try one of my Boot Camps. These days, I am only recommending personal training for those that need personal attention (typically those that have injuries, specific complaints and chronic conditions) and my goal is to graduate them into a group program. Why? Personal training can be expensive and short lived and because my goal is to build a community of people who support each other. I have found that many are not reaching their goals because they lack support from their families, friends and co-workers.

Below are my group programs for 2011 that can be your support system. Two of the programs are almost filled so hurry if you want to take action and get fit and healthy in 2011:

NEW TRX Boot Camp

Burlingame Fit Boot Camp

SF Bay Area Fit Body Boot Camp

Shamp’s Mini Camp

For more on my group programs checkout: Brien’s Boot Camps

Don’t try to get fit alone. Join one of my groups today!

Have fun, meet like minded people and get the RESULTS you DESERVE!


Personal Trainer, Nutrition and Lifestyle Coach

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