Do You Have Old Sypmtoms Coming Back? Homo What?

Happy Friday,

I am on Day 7 of my 10 Day Detox and all is great. Good energy, good focus and no digestive complaints.

No animal proteins for 6 days and I have no desire for them at this time. Not that I plan on becoming a vegan or vegetarian anytime soon.

There have been some questions about muscle or joint pain coming up for some of the detoxers. It is actually somewhat common to experience this during a detox.

Old symptoms you haven’t experienced in years begin to return during the a detox program. They should be of short duration and are considered a beneficial sign that your body is purging toxins and repairing underlying issues with your health.

Old injuries or conditions may resurface for anywhere from an hour to a day or more. This theory is known as Homotoxicology and was developed by a German medical doctor named Dr. Hans-Heinrich Reckeweg. If you would like to learn more about homotoxicology, here is a short article for your reading: Homotoxicology

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P.S. I invite you to try a Detox Program and see how it feels to change things up a bit. Check out the 10 Day Detox