21 Day Detox Success-Dwight Says “It’s Simple, He Felt a Difference in a Week and Understands How to Eat for The Long Run”

“Thank You for getting me to finally get on the Detox!  I really enjoyed the variety of choices of food and better yet, gaining the knowledge that changing my diet and lifestyle for me isn’t that difficult nor does it require drastic changes. Many times, it comes down to a simple choice in the refrigerator.”

1) It was simple, yet provided me with a large variety of choices which helped me not get ‘Bored’ with the diet.  Furthermore, I didn’t have to eat one food for every meal for a week or anything crazy like that.

2) I noticed a difference in how I felt almost immediately and noticed a difference of how I looked after about 1 week.

3) I now understand how to eat for the long-term.  Now that I’m done, I’ll still eat some foods that aren’t the best for me, but I’ll eat a better option of that food and I certainly don’t crave as much as I used to the un-healthy choices and that is something that I greatly appreciate.

Thanks for the counseling along the way and now that I’m on the other side, I feel great!  I’m not bloated and full, but light on my feet with plenty of energy!”

Dwight M. Campbell, CA