Boot Camp Burlingame 8/2/11 -Try Some Turkish Get Ups To Strengthen Your Core

8/2  Boot Camp Burlingame Core–Cardio Workout: Lower Abs. Bridges, Planks, Superman, Jack Knife, Russian Twists, Crunches

Obstacle Course: 5 Min

Jog/Walk (3 Min)

WOD: Perform the following exercises in a circuit as a group for 3 rounds:

Turkish Get-Ups-3 reps on each side  *Hold a mb, plate, as needed                 

  1. Lower Ab Pike-60s *4 Movements with hands under butt-1. Knees Up-Crunch Up 2. Extend Legs and Crunch up Higher 3. Reverse-Knees Bent -Crunch half Way Down  4. Heel tap with Knees Bent and Head to Ground (Breathing with each movement-Inhale-Exhale-Inhale –Exhale)
  2. One Leg Bridge Press with Leg Ext-30s Each Side *Keep Hips Level
  3. Plank with Alt. Elbow Lift-30s –>Plank with Alt. Foot Lift-30s –>Plank with Opp. Elbow & Foot Lift-30s
  4. Prone Flutter Kicks-60s *Get thighs off ground
  5. Crunches with Knee Rotation-30s Each Side *Tongue on roof of mouth *Chin Tucked
  6. Supine Russian Twist-60s *Keep shoulders on ground
  7. Mirror Partner Balance-30s Each Foot *tall person leads-Short person follows  and switch after 30s
  8. Jog- 3 Min

Past Workout 10/19/10:

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