San Carlos Boot Camp 8/19/11-Total Body Strength Challenge Workout

8/19/11 Fat Loss Challenge Day Friday – Total Body Workout  of the Day: Lateral Hops, Liners,  Push-Ups, Split Squats, Bent Over Rows, Deadlifts


1. Lateral Hop: 5 Reps Each Side

2. Close Grip Push-Ups: 5  Reps

3. Split Squat: 5 Reps Each Side

4. Squats: 10

5. Elbow Plank-Lateral Plank Combo: 3 Each

6. Cobra: 5 Reps

Challenge Workout: Perform the following exercises for 4 rounds as fast or as challenging as possible with good form:

1. Ring Lateral Hop: 10 Reps Each Side *Work on power, not speed today

2. MB Close Grip Push-Up: 6 Reps *Make it tough *For the guys have a partner provide resistance to make them fatigue at 6 reps *Elbows in *Lock *Wide feet to make easier

3. Liners (AKA Suicides): 3x (5 cones) *Stay Low

4. Plate/MB Split Squat with Foot on Bench/Low Step: 8 Reps Each Side *No bench for beginners or those with pain *Keep Tuck

5. Plate Bent Over Rows: 6 Rows *Make it tough-use 25-45’s (Did Fat Man Rows in Video) *Butt Out *Flat Back

6. Plate Suitcase Deadlift: 6 Each Side *Make it tough-use 25-45’s *Stand on matt *Butt Out *Flat Back

7. Elbow Plank-Lateral Plank Combo: 5 Each

8. Ball Cobra: 10 Reps *Hold plate to make harder

Cool down & stretch (5-10 minutes)

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