Can You Handle Any More Stress?

Happy Holidays,

I hope you had a great week and were able to manage your STRESS!

I worked with a number of awesome people this week and the discussion is typically very similar…STRESS MANAGEMENT 101- I bring awareness and coach my clients how to reduce as many stressors in life as they are willing. Stress is what you feel when you are not able to control or deal with everything going on in life. Now, not all stress is bad and it can be good to get us to complete a task or compete in an event. Stress is bad when physical, mental and emotional symptoms occur and there is a feeling of being out of control. Symptoms are often painful and the pain is what moves someone to seek help.

My number one goal is to help the people I coach reduce their PAIN and address their root cause – the STRESSORS.

People typically come to me to reduce the pain of weight gain. Yes, weight gain & big bellies are a symptom of too much stress.

The culprits are generally too much sugar or carbohydrates, like grains, candy, alcohol, and even fruit, combined with a lack of sleep quality, relationship stress, too much sitting, financial stress, not eating often enough, poor quality food, over cooking food, and more.

I generally explain that we all have a tipping point or a certain amount of stress that we can handle before symptoms start to occur and then become painful and  un-manageable.

Many are so stressed they do not even respond to exercise very well and gain more weight and belly fat. The faulty ability to recover from exercise is a sign that a different type of exercise is recommended for the time being, preferably one that is less stressful like Chi Gong or restorative yoga (lower impact and volume and energy giving than taking).

Like everything in the health & wellness field there are a million solutions to reduce stress, weight, pain, etc.  I believe the two most important variables to focus on are one’s nutrition & lifestyle and a practice of meditation.

If you have been following my newsletter and articles, you have seen that I write a lot about nutrition and lifestyle to assist my clients in reducing stress and weight.

The 10 Day Group Detox coming on September 7th has been a very effective way to create awareness and reduce common stressors in the food supply.

As for meditation, here is a link describing what I do to get grounded : Meditation. This process allows me to better deal with life’s challenges and do what I do best… help others.

Mercy Center in Burlingame has been very influential in helping me with my stress reduction and meditation practice. Prior to my programs at Mercy Center, I only learned Zen Meditation practices and now I can do a meditation to recharge my system even at Pete’s Coffee.

Mercy Center has a long tradition of opening their doors to people of all faith traditions and cultures who have a special appreciation for slowing down and paying attention to the deep current of God in their lives.

Consider joining one of their Fall programs: Spiritual Exercises, Sacred Journey, Centering Prayer training, or an upcoming retreat,  and experience the transformation that I experienced: Mercy Programs

Do you have time for a 1 Minute Meditation? I just pulled this one out of the archives: 1 Minute Meditation Even a one minute meditation can give create some  peace in your life. Imagine what 15 minutes would do.

Have a great holiday and get some rest this Labor Day Weekend 🙂

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P.S. If you are up for a shock to your system and learning about which foods are stressful to your physiology, consider the 10 Day Group Detox starting September 7th ($25 Off Ending September 6th).

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