Belmont Boot Camp 8/30/11- Flatten Your Abs Workout


8/30/11 Belmont Boot Camp Core–Cardio Workout

Floor Stretching Program: 8-10 min

Jog/Walk: 5 min

*We will be doing 6 core/cardio stations -2 min each for 3 sets for and then cardio at the end.

Perform the following stations for 2 min each for 3 rounds (36 min). There are 2 exercises in the 2 min period. There should be a quick transition between exercises. Work in partners in the circuit. There should be 2-4 people in each station.

1.TRXPike (60s) and TRX Leg Curls (60s) *Pike is a straight leg movement *Jack Knife is Bent Knees
2. Jumping Twists (60s) & Jumping Jack Cross-Over (60s) *Twist from the waist
3.MB Chops (60s) and Cobra Hold (60s  hold) *Keep lower back in contact with ground crunch-keep tension on abdominals *Keep legs on the ground for cobra and thumbs externally rotated so they feel a stretch in pecs-pull shoulders down & back
4.Ladder Drill: Lateral Forward Two –Back Two (60s each side)
5.Lower Abdominal (LA) Knee Ups with MB Between Knees (60s) and Butt Pinchers (60s)
6.MB Side Facing Trunk Rotations (60s each side)

Walk/Run/Jog (5-15 minutes)

Cool Down: Static Stretching

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