Millbrae Fitness Center 9/19/11 Fat Loss Workout – Total Body Workout of the Day

Millbrae Fitness Center 9/19/11  Fat Loss Workout – Total Body Workout of the Day
Past Wokout (7/12/2010 FBBC)

*Perform the following in a group
1. Squats: 10
2. Single Leg Squats: 5 Each Leg
2. Inchworm: 5
3. Walking Single Leg Deadlift: 10 each *Hinge from hip and try to touch ground keeping back straight *alternate legs
4. March–>High Knee Skip–>High Knee Run–>Forwards Jog–>Backward Jog–> Lateral Shuffle–> Carioca (10 Yards Each)* Perform drills for about 10 yards and then jog to half court line and then jog back to start. Perform 2x each. *The goal for the first three drills is to do as many foot contacts as possible in 10 yards *Arm drive is key *drive foot into ground with toes up-land on ball of the foot
5. Group Relay Drill -Liners to Half Court (5x Each) *Groups of 3-4 people to allow adequate rest

Unilateral WOD: Perform the following exercises in a circuit for 40s each for 2-3 rounds

  1. TRX One Arm Row (20s each side)
  2. Single Leg Bleacher Squat (20s each side)
  3. Push and Rotate with Band (20s each side)
  4. Plate Singe Leg Deadlift (20s each side)
  5. Dynamic Side Plank with Groin
  6. Battle Ropes: Standing One Arm Rotation (20s each side)
  7. Lateral Side Step (can use bosu or big matt) *Stay Low

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