7 Fundamental Structures for Success in October!

Happy Saturday, October 1st!

Here we are…the last month to really get going on your fitness, nutrition & lifestyle program.  I say last month or last chance for the year because, for many November and December are months where fitness, nutrition & health spiral downward.

Generally, as Halloween nears, sugar intake increases and the battle against sugar is lost to Thanksgiving events and December Holiday parties.

To avoid the Holiday Spiral, I urge you to focus on yourself for this month. Now that Fall is here, there is generally more structure given the vacations are over, teachers are teaching and kids are back in school. Now, we need to structure daily movement and the right dietary intake into your day.

Here are 7 Fundamental Structures for Success to Focus on for October:

  1. Drink 2 glasses of water with lemon as soon as you wake up.
  2. Put on your workout clothes and at least go for a walk-preferably go to one of my Boot Camps 🙂 (Take advantage of my NEW Grand Opening Promotion for all Boot Camp Sites).
  3. Eat within one hour of your workout (for now focus on 3 things- eliminate grains, pasteurized dairy and reduce added sugars)
  4. Eat every 2-4 hours – Never go hungry or full
  5. Prepare your food for the following day
  6. Wind down by reading, journaling, meditating, prayer, etc.
  7. Be asleep by 10 pm

I am very excited to announce that I am now the Director of Fitness & Nutrition at the Clubhouse in South San Francisco near Genentech. I will oversee Boot Camp Programs for adults, the new South City Cross Fit Program for Adults and Baseball, conditioning programs for baseball players from little league to professional, personal training & small group training programs.

If you live or work in near SSF come to my Grand Opening of South City Boot Camp starting October 10th. We will start with MWF classes @ 6 am and add additional morning classes with demand.

In celebration my new South City Boot Camp you can get in on the 21 Day Rapid Fat Loss Program (not the 21 day detox) at any of my 4 Boot Camp locations for only $97. For more go: Grand Opening Promotion

TEAM Shamp MUDDER- SoCal 2012

Many of you know my team and I did Tough Mudder (TM) a few weeks ago in Squaw Valley. I just created a Team for SoCal in Feb. 2012 and I look forward to having you as a teammate.

Here is the description of TM on their site: “Tough Mudder is not your average lame-ass mud run or spirit-crushing ‘endurance’ road race. Our 10-12 mile obstacle courses are designed by British Special Forces to test all around strength, stamina, mental grit, and camaraderie. Forget finish times. Simply completing a Tough Mudder is a badge of honor.”

What I love most about the Tough Mudder events is that there is no emphasis on winning. If you can walk you can do it! I really did feel a sense of accomplishment finishing TM because my team supported each other to the finish. If you commit to Team Shamp Mudder for SoCal, you will be part of a training team that prepares you well for the event. We will have fun and memories together forever.

Here are the details:

Saturday, February 25th @ 11:40 am in Vail Lake Resort, Temecala, CA.

Tough Mudder SoCal 2012 Course Info: Tough Mudder SoCal

Visit this link to join the Team:Team Shamp Mudder

Team Name is Shamp Mudder and the password to join the team is shamp.

The price goes up $10 on October 2nd, so register ASAP if you are in. Saturday is already 56% full.

Committing to a Tough Mudder is one model if you are looking for motivation to get going on a fitness program or to ramp up your program. Here is another model called Run For Your Lives- A Zombie Infested 5 K Obstacle Course. Coming to a city near you. I will stick with Mudder 🙂

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Have a great weekend!