College of San Mateo Baseball Workout of the Day – 10/3/11 & 10/5/11

Fall Baseball Workout #6

Here is the workout for Monday & Wednesday below.

Core Workout: Perform the following exercises for 2 sets:

1. Lower Abdominal (1 Min) *Heel Tap (One or Both Heels)

2. 4 Point Tuck *Opp. Arm & Leg (5 x10s Hold)

3. Side Plank (30s Each) *Lock  Shoulder Blades

4. Side Lying Groin (30s Each)

5. Bridge with Leg Ext. (5x10s Hold) *Hips Level

Description: Description: Perform 3 Rounds for 40s each (8 stations, 6 people at each) *Perform as many sets as possible in the 60 sec period after a rest period in which you feel rested *Focus on 3B’s-Keep Belly & Bladder In & Butt Tucked as Needed *Approx 60s Rest in between exercises

Description: Description: Plate Good Mornings: Mon-20s (Max Effort); Box Squats: Wed- 2 Reps (Speed-50% Max) *Warm-Up in between transition *Keep Flat Back *Butt Out *Hold Plate at Chest-Head for GM’s *Explode up
2. Battle Ropes: Overhand Grip Single Arm Wave on 1 Foot  (20s each side) *Opp. Arm & Leg *Stay Tight

3. BB Flat Press: Mon- 6 Reps (Max Effort) ;Wed-2 Reps (Speed-50% of MAX) *Create arch in spine-lock shoulders back & down

 4. Backwards Lunges with Arm Swing (20s each side)  *Explode Up

5. LF One Arm Rows (20s each side) *Hips Back *Butt Out *Squeeze Shoulder Blades *Keep Shoulders Back & Down

 6. Ladder: High Knee Run & High Knee Skip *Toes Up*Game Speed *Drive Down
7. MB Underhand Throw *Keep Shoulders Back & Down  *Explode Up *Game Speed
8. One Leg Squat (20s each side)  *Explode Up *Hips Back *Butt Out

Please add your comments below on the workout.

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