Burlingame Fitness Center Workout 10/3/11- Total Body Fat Loss Workout of the Day

Burlingame Fitness Center  Workout  10/3/11- Total Body Fat Loss Workout of the Day

Warm-Up: Perform the following exercises with good form:

  1. Backwards Lunges with Arm Raise-10 Each
  2. Prisoner Split Squats-10 Each
  3. Prisoner Split Squat Jumps-5 Each Side
  4. Plank Up-Downs: 5 each side
  5. Prone Hip Extension: 10 *Squeeze butt
  6. Square Drill: Forward Jog àLateral Shuffle à Backwards Jogà Lateral Shuffle (3-5 Min)

Workout of the Day: Perform 3-4 sets of the following exercises for 40s

1.     5 Cone Drill: Lateral M Sprint *Alternate Sides *Stay Low

2.     TRX One Arm Row (20s each arm) *Keep Hips Stable *Squeeze

3.     Prisoner Split Squats Jumps  (20s each leg) (Split Squats with Leg Elevated in Video)

4.     Dips *Shoulders Back & Down *Hold at top as needed when tired

5.     Reverse Hyper Extension (Gymnastic Horse or High Stack of Matts)*Can use Swiss Ball *For those that are stronger you can have them pair up and provide manual resistance for 20s each

6.     Battle Ropes: Backwards Lunges with 1 Arm Single Wave (20s each side) *Opp arm and leg

7.     Sandbag/Plate/MB Run *Run Around Court
Cool down & stretch (5-10 minutes)

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