Burlingame Weight Loss Workout 10/24/11: Group Total Body Fat Loss Circuit

Burlingame Weight Loss Workout  10/24/11: Group Total  Body Fat Loss Circuit

Preparation: Perform the following exercises with good form:

  1. Prisoner Squats: (10)
  2. Multi-Directional Lunges (3 Each Side)
  3. Wood Chops: 10
  4. Plank Up-Downs  (3 Each Side)
  5. Lateral Hops: 3 Each *Hold for 3 s
  6. Jumping Jacks: 15

Workout of the Day: Perform the following exercises as a group at the same time for 40s each in a circuit (10s rest). Perform 3 Sets

1.     Prisoner Squat Jump *Get Butt Down to 90 *Explode Up

2.     Plank Up-Downs (20 s each side leads movement) *Keep Elbows in. *Lock *Keep Shoulders back & Down *Wide Feet

3.     Multi-Directional Lunges *3 Positions (20s each side) *Get Low on Side Lunge

4.     MB Standing Partner Side to Side Rotation & Chest Pass *5 RT Rotation–> 5 Chest Pass–>5 LT Rotation *Facing Each Other *Goal is Speed *Look at Partners Hands the Entire Time *Do as many cycles as possible in 40s

5.     MB Standing Partner Slams  *Follow Through *Only 1 Ball for Partners

6.     Lateral Hop *Work on explosive power and stick landing for 3 sec *Partners face each other *Explode

7.     Ladder Drill: In-In-Out-Out *Forward & Back (20s each) *Speed

8.     Partner Pull-Ups (10 each) *Do as many cycles as possible in 40s

Finish with Group 5-10-5 Drill if Time. *3-5 Reps

Cool down & stretch (5-10 minutes)

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