Burlingame Weight Loss Core-Cardio Workout of the Day 11/1/11- Six Pack Abs Training Workout


Burlingame Weight Loss Core-Cardio Workout of the Day 11/1/11- Six Pack Abs Training Workout

Mobility Program on the Floor-10 Min

Dynamic Agility Warm-Up (Line up on line and go about 10 yards) *Perform each drill 2-4 x

1.    March

2.    High Knee Skip

3.    High Knee Run

4.    Jog – Half Court

5.    Backwards Jog- Half Court

6.    Forward Low Skip- Half Court

7.    Backwards Low Skip- Half Court

8.    Lateral Shuffle

9.    Carioca

CORE: Perform 3-4 Rounds for 1 minute in a circuit (rest 15 s in between)

1.    Plate/MB Kneeling Side Bend *Arms Overhead *Lock

2.    MB Standing Diagnol Wood Chop (30s each side)

3.    Push-Up Position Plank *Alt Arm & Opp Leg

4.    Band Kneeling Straight Arm Pulldowns *Keep arms to sides *Hold for 2s

5.    Swiss Ball Lower Ab Curls *Back should be suppoted *Hold railings *Start this movement sitting with back close to railing-move forward slightly so back is supported * Campers can just hold leg ups without curl

6.    Superman Hold *Elbows to Back Pockets *Wide Legs

7.    Side Plank Drop (30s each side) *Feet on Bench *Lock

Cool Down: Static Stretching

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