Fat Loss Tip #2- Reduce Your Carbohydrates

Happy Tuesday November 15th!

Last night I gave you the Fat Loss Tip #1- Eat To Lose!

Here is Fat Loss Tip #2: Reduce your carbohydrate amount to a level where you feel satisfied immediately and 1-2 hours after your meal. If you are not feeling your best after your meal or 1-2 hours later something is wrong.

According to Metabolic Typing principles, when carbohydrates are consumed, the non-starchy carbs are the best in terms of stabilizing blood sugar (veggies other than corn, potatoes, carrots, yam, squash and beets). However, most people need some starch so the big issue is how much. Starch quickly turns to sugar in the body and can be problematic if over-consumed.

The key is to fine-tune your carb intake at each meal and snack. You will do best on the least amount of starch possible that does not cause adverse reactions. 
· Too few carbs or too few high starch foods will produce hunger, cravings, desire for sweets, and/or adversely impact your energy level, mind, moods or emotions as compared to their status before you ate.
· Too many carbs will produce the same result!
· The right proportions of proteins+fats +carbs at each meal will produce positive improvement in all categories (energy production, mind, moods, emotions, feeling satiated from your meal and fat loss).

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Have a great rest of the week!