Holiday Fat Loss Tip #1- Eat To Lose!

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Crazy day. Lots of last minute entries in the Holiday Body Transformation Challenge. There are now 39 people competing for the Ipad 2 or $600.

I was going to give all my challengers a fat loss tip of the day and only send it to them, but I thought everyone could use the motivation and awareness of these key principles.

So, for the next 42 days until Christmas I will send you a fat loss tip of the day. If the daily emails are too much for you, feel free to delete or preferably create a folder because I guarantee they will help you achieve your health goals!

Some of these tips will be stuff you already know. Regardless, it is good to hear them over and over. I am not even doing everything I know I should be doing, but that is the human journey.

Fat Loss Tip #1- Eat To Lose!

Whenever people tell me they want to lose body fat, reduce weight. decrease stress, anxiety or blood pressure, sleep better and improve overall hormonal balance, the first think that comes to my mind is…are they eating often enough?

People typically eat enough, but these days it seems that all of the calories are packed in one or two meals.

Many are even scared to eat because they fear even more weight gain.

Those who tend to lose weight, body fat and balance their hormones seem to understand that you need to EAT TO LOSE.

Grazing every 2-4 hours without going hungry or full is the key to success.

There is a great amount of scientific literature to back this claim up.

If you want to see some interesting facts about the benefits of food frequency go here: Eat to Lose

You will also see some awesome snack ideas my wife and I came up with for a food clinic a few years ago: Snack Ideas

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