College of San Mateo Baseball Workout of the Day -10/21/11

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College of San Mateo Fall Baseball Workout #9:  675 Challenge Day (20-15-10)

Warm up (5-10 minutes)

1.     Squats: 10

2.     Wood Chops: 5

3.     Spiderman Push-Ups: 3 each side

4.     Prisoner Split Squats: 5 each leg

5.     Prisoner Good Mornings: 10

6.     Burpees; 2

7.     Plank with Reverse Fly: 5 each side
8. Seated Russian Twists: 5 each side

As a Group: (5 Rounds) This will take the rest of the workout. Be sure to allow extra time for stretching after they complete this workout. Have them perform the exercises at their own pace, rest as needed.


1.     20 Plank with One Arm Reverse Fly  (10 each side)  *Wide Feet In Push Up Position *Light Weight  *Stay Locked *Keep Arm Straight with Reverse Fly

2.     15 Wall Ball *Get Low and Throw Ball As High and as Hard As Possible Into Wall *Explode Up *Use Heavy Ball

3.     15 Fat Man Rows *Feet Elevated on Bench

4.     20 Prisoner Split Squat Jumps (10 each leg)

5.     10 Spiderman Push-Ups (5 each side) *Bring elbow to knee while lowering into push-up *Alt Sides

6.     10 BB Romanian Deadlifts *Hips Back *Keep Flat Back

7.     20 MB Seated Russian Twists *Legs up

8.     15 Battle Rope Slams *Grip of choice

9.     10 Burpees *no push-up

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