San Carlos Boot Camp 11/14/11- Total Body Holiday Fat Blaster

San Carlos Boot Camp 11/14/11- Total Body Holiday Fat Blaster

Preparation: Perform the following exercises with good form:

1.     Squats: 15

2.     Burpees with Close Grip Push-Up *Elbows In

3.     Forward Lunges with MB Rotation: 5 Each

4.     Jumping Jacks: 15

Workout of the Day: Perform 3 sets of the following exercises for 60s:

1.     Plate Bent Over Rows *Butt Out

2.     TRX Leg Curls (30s) & TRX Hip AB (30s) *Keep Hips Up

3.     Burpees with MB Close Grip Push-Up *Elbows In

4.     Wall Squat with MB Btw Knees

5.     Battle Ropes- Overhand Grip Double Wave  (30s)  *Other partner holds rope and works on stabilization *Quick Transition

6.     Walking Lunges with MB Rotation

7.     5 Yard Lateral Shuffle  *Stay Low *Face Partner *Goal is to touch as many cones as possible

Cool down & stretch (5-10 minutes)

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