San Carlos Boot Camp 11/7/11- Total Body Fat Loss Workout

San Carlos Boot Camp 11/7/11- Total Body Fat Loss Workout

Preparation: Perform the following exercises:

1.     BW Squats with Y- (10) *Should have been done in warm-up

  1. BW Squats with RT – LT Punches On Way Up (10)
  2. Three Way Lunges (2 each side)
  3. Push-Ups (5)
  4. Plank Crawl (3 each side)
  5. Liners Forward-Back Pedal (3 min) *Aerobic – Be able to hold a conversation *Save energy for real workout sprints

Workout of the Day: Perform the following exercises in a circuit for 3 sets for 1 minute: 

  1. 3 Cone 5-10-5 Agility Drill:
  2. MB Push Up (One Arm and Switch) *Shoulders down & back *Butt down *Go to knees if butt is up *Ball under shoulder
  3. Battle Ropes: Overhand One Arm Wave with Kneel to Stand (30s each arm) *Two people can do it at the same time  *Rope pointed down to ground *Start in Kneeling Position and Stand While Doing Wave *2 B’s
  4. TRX Y  Raise *Relax Shoulders *Hips Back *Arms Straight  *Best to put one foot forward
  5. Three Way Lunges (Forward-Side-Back) *12-3-6 & 12-9-6 –Use clock to help people get the movement *Keep 3 B’s –move from core not leg
  6. Plank Elbow Crawls  *Goal opp. arm & leg *Stay low *Butt down *Keep plank-stomach off ground
  7. Boxers Squat with Punches (Squat  Right & Left and then RT-LT Punch) *Keep hands up protecting face-like a dodge right to left *Duck under something is possible

Cool down & stretch (5-10 minutes)

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