Fat Loss Tip #23- Test Your Stress & Sex Hormones (No More Guessing)

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Today is my 23rd Fat Loss Tip and there are still about 2 weeks of tips left. Here are the past 22 fat loss tips in case you missed any: Fat Loss Tips

There are lots of possible solutions and educational tips for reducing fat as you have seen, but what do you really need? These tips are all important and have helped people around the world lose tons of fat, but I do not know what you need at this moment in time based upon your unique genetics & lifestyle.

Most of us are guessing when it comes to what we really need. We tend to follow our friend’s diet or supplementation protocol because it worked for them. We get excited to try a new anti-oxidant or anti-aging cream because of the great marketing around the products.

The nutrition and supplement world is a billion dollar industry. Many are taking 10 or more products and are spending a lot of money on things that will just not help them lose body fat.

In the functional medicine world, there is a popular phrase “Test Don’t Guess!” If you are frustrated and have done Detox Programs and worked with me individually on your nutrition & lifestyle, you may want to test so we can stop guessing and see what is really happening.

Fat Loss Tip #23- Test Your Stress and Sex Hormones using salivary hormone testing to determine if your weight issue is due to these hormones being unbalanced. Balanced adrenal hormones (stress hormones) help control blood sugar, which is absolutely essential to losing weight and keeping it off, and balanced sex hormones are essential to how and where you gain weight on your body.

The most common female hormonal patterns that cause weight gain are Adrenal Fatigue, Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS), and Menopause.  The most common male hormonal patterns that cause weight gain are Adrenal Fatigue and Andropause.

Here are the things we want to test:

17-OH Progesterone
Luteinizing Hormone
Follicle Stimulating Hormone

All of these hormones are important to test in order to asses physiological hormonal feedback loops.  Assessing hormonal feedback loops gives the practitioner an idea of what is going on with the function of the many hormonal pathways in our body’s.  Instead of looking at whether an individual hormone is high or low and giving things like hormone replacement therapy, it is important to assess the function of hormonal pathways in order to recommend appropriate nutritional supplementation and lifestyle recommendations.

We must look at all these hormones to see what patterns they are expressing, not just that testosterone is low or cortisol is high, but why is this happening and how does it correlate with the rest of the hormonal pattern that is being expressed.

This is often why most people don’t get proper care in the traditional health care model.  Their doctor only tests a few of these hormones and does not look at function of the system, but rather looks for hormones out of pathological ranges, which is when it has been going out of balance long enough to finally show up on the test.

Many don’t quite understand the difference between the testing your doctor does and using salivary testing.  The testing that your doctor uses is usually in the form of blood, which tests the inactive form of the hormone.  This means that when hormones are found in blood they are attached to proteins and are in a protein bound state that doesn’t allow them to have any effect on tissue sites in the body.

Salivary hormone testing tests free fraction hormones or hormones that are not bound to protein and are able to have an effect on tissue sites in the body.  You could run a blood test through your doctor that shows your estrogen levels are fine, but then see through a saliva test done at the same time that your estrogen is out of balance.  This is why many people don’t get properly assessed and end up frustrated without answers as to why they can’t lose weight.

I do not do the testing myself but my friend and business partner, Johnny Suarez at Belmont Personal Training & Nutrition does and he is an expert.

Contact Jonny Suarez for a complimentary 30 minute consultation to learn more about these hormonal patterns and talk about getting your hormones tested: (650) 453-3180 or jonnysuarez898@gmail.com. Even if you live out of the area, he can assist you.

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