Burlingame Weight Loss 11/29/11- Partner Core-Cardio Fun

Burlingame Weight Loss 11/29- Partner Core-Cardio Fun

Dynamic Cardio Warm-Up: Perform various movement patterns around gym (stretching, jogging, skipping, etc) (10 min)

Partner Knee Slaps (4 min) *1 min each as  the slapper *Rest approx. 30s after minute 2  *Goal is to hit knee of partner *Avoid having people run around the room- to avoid hit just step back *Both partners are in athletic position ready for anything

MB Partner Core Work: Perform the following exercises for 1 min each for 3 sets

  1. Lower Ab Curl/Knee-Ups *Partners Grab Each Others Elbows *3 B’s *You can attempt to straighten legs on negative for those who can
  2. Standing Chest Pass on 1 Foot (30s each side) *Mix Ball Around As Tolerated
  3. Kneeling Side to Side Rotation (30s each side) *Arms Straight
  4. Oblique Sit Up Toss (30s each side) *Knees Bent To Side *Both do sit up at same time- catch the ball while up in seated postion
  5. Push-Up Hold with MB Push  *Relax shoulders
  6. Modified Prone Super-Pepes with MB Push *Relax shoulders *Chest Up & Thighs Off Ground

Perform After Above:

Cardio: MB Lateral Shuffle Drill & MB Carioca Drill (4 each) *Half Court

Cool Down: Static Stretching

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