San Carlos Boot Camp 12/5/11- Fat Loss Transformation Workout

San Carlos Boot Camp 12/5- Fat Loss Transformation Workout

Preparation: Perform the following exercises as quick as possible with good form:

1.     Forward Lunges-10

2.     Squats-15 *Feet Together

3.     Squat Jump Tuck- 2 each side

4.     Close Grip Push-Ups: 5

5.     High Knee Run Drill & Down-Ups-30s

Liners – 3-5 min * 80% RPE 6-7 (Intensity)

WOD: Perform the following exercises for 40s each for 3-4 rounds in circuit:

1.     Pull-Ups

2.     TRX  Jack Knife-Push-Up *Lock

3.     High Knee Run Drill & Down-Ups (touch ground with chest-not a push-up) *perform 6 high knee/toe ups (3 each side and then hit the ground-come up fast and repeat)

4.     Dips on Beam *keep shoulders back & down *Do not engage upper traps

5.     Squat Jump Tuck:  *Stay low and squat side to side with jump *Touch knees to hands

6.     Sandbag Sprint (can use medicine ball or plate) *work with a partner *One person  runs and comes back and other person grabs load and does sprint

7.     MB Partner Lunge (rt side 20 à side 20s)

Cool down & stretch (5-10 minutes)

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