Fat Loss Tip #27- Schedule A Fitness Event

Happy Monday!

I had a conversation today with Tim Sheeper. For those of you that do not know Tim, he can be defined as a STUD! Tim & I are partners for the Menlo Fit Boot Camp Program and he is the man behind Menlo Swim & Sport.

Tim is one of the most prolific triathlon coaches in the country and has coached athletes of all ages for over 20 years.

Not only is Tim a kick ass coach, but he has competed at the Pro Triathlete level since the late 80’s, competing in triathlons for 25 years. He has been racing in running competitions since the age of 8.

Tim was on our Tough Mudder Team in September and interestingly enough I never saw him. It took my group about 5 hours to complete the challenge and Tim finished in 2.5 hours. Next year, my goal is to hang with him (at least at the beginning or after the race-gotta have goals right?) 🙂

Enough of the introductions. I asked Tim what motivates him to train as hard as he does each week. This question is for all of you, but for me it was personal also.  Even I am not motivated to really train hard these days and I am always looking for solutions.

Tim told me the key to his consistent training schedule is that he commits to events (triathlons, runs, adventure races, challenge races, cycling events) about 1x per month and he does this about a year in advance. This is not just a fun weekend run for Tim. He is out there to win it and follows a finely tuned training program.

Fat Loss Tip #27- Schedule A Fitness Event

Check out www.active.com for events in your area and consider joining a team to help you prepare.

Tim has various teams depending on your interests. Check here for more information: Team Sheeper

By participating in any of my boot camp programs you will receive the majority of your training for the challenge races like Tough Mudder, but you should still  to do 2-3 hikes or runs per week.

Keep in mind, you do not need to train to win the events like Tim. Just put it out there and most likely you will show up and work harder each week in preparation for the event.

Tim lives by the adage, Know the Way, Show the Way, Go the Way. Keep training!

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