Burlingame Weight Loss Boot Camp 12/13/11- Six Pack Abs

Burlingame Weight Loss Boot Camp 12/13/11- SIx Pack Abs

Obstacle Course Jog/Walk (5-10min)

Group Work: Alternate the two exercises below for 2 sets:

  1. Plank Series-Mix up different types of movements while performing the plank (i.e. alternating one leg up, one elbow up, one arm extended, up-up-down-down with elbow & hand, one leg out): 1st Set-90s 2nd Set-120s *Goal is to get them to realize that they are stronger by going 2 min
  2. Quadruped with Elbow-Knee: 10×2 Sets (perform rt elbow to lt knee 10x and then do other side) *Goal is to get complete rotation without engaging upper trap when bringing arm up, look at hand, big squeeze at the top of movement and the bottom.

Perform the following exercises in a circuit for 3 rounds for 1 minute (15s rest):

  1. Jump Rope
  2. Lower Ab over Ball with March *Keep elbows at ears *Relax shoulders *Keep Lock-Chest Up and Shoulders Back & Down *March only if stability is good
  3. Ladder Drill: Carioca Series-1st rep: cross front ; 2nd rep: cross back; 3rd rep-complete carioca *After each rep, run back to start. Switch sides after all 3 reps
  4. One Leg Bridge Press with Leg on MB (30s each) *Keep Hips Level *Extend Leg Out
  5. Deck Squats (Modify with Sit Up)  *Use higher matt to make movement easier
  6. Cone Drill:4 Cone Cross Pattern *make a square out of 4 cones –start at cone 1 on lower rt side-jog to cone 2 on upper left-jog to cone 3 at upper rt-jog to cone 4 at lower lt- back to cone 1 and repeat
  7. NRG Ball Chop Over DIsc

Cool Down: Static Stretching

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