Fat Loss Tip #29- Get Your Gut Checked! (Tell Your Doctor You Want These Tests)

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I just got this email from Denise, one of my subscribers that I have never met before “Your messages have inspired me and is making me more conscientious of what I put in my mouth. Thinking more about things I am consuming, I am now down about 5 lbs.” She also told me she used to delete my e-mails for years, but then realized that the information I was giving was high quality.

Very cool Denise! This is another testimonial of the power of nutrition & lifestyle. Generally when you follow the Fat Loss Tips I have provided, you will look & feel better than ever.

Unfortunately, it is not as easy for everyone and most at some point will hit a plateau.

Remember Fat Loss Tip #23- Test Your Stress and Sex Hormones. This a very important tip in the fat loss process. The testing can speed things up massively, but interestingly enough, many are resistant to testing.

Here is what Audrey told me about this tip, “Very interesting! I was tested many years ago and I did have Adrenal Fatigue. I have been taking Raw Adrenal ever since then. It helps keep my energy level up, and boy do I notice it if I miss a few days. I did not know that it was associated with weight gain. Thanks for the tip!”

I believe many are resistant to testing because they feel their doctors should test for everything and insurance should cover the costs. I agree they should, but most western medicine docs do not do the testing and even know much about it because it is not part of their current protocols.

There are western medicine doctors that do integrate functional medicine, you just have to search for them. Do a search on-line for functional medical doctors or Naturopath in your city. Some Acupuncturists, Oriental Medical Doctors and Chiropractors also do this testing.

There are a lot of things the western medicine world should do, but they don’t given they are a BIG corporation and just like any big business, things take time to change.

I predict that these tests will become part of normal western medicine protocols in about 10 years but for now, you generally have to look outside the western medicine model if you want alternative models to improve your health.

If you are having any sort of gastrointestinal symptoms such as gas, bloating, belching, acid reflux (GERD), nausea, indigestion, inconsistent bowels, etc. you may have of one of many different digestive issues that could be contributing to your weight gain or lack of weight loss. 

Hydrochloric acid, bile, and pancreatic enzymes are all digestive juices that help us break down our food and kill pathogenic bacteria, fungus, and parasites.  When you have a deficiency in these digestive juices, food particles don’t get fully digested and can add to the toxic load to your body causing you to retain more water and store more toxins in body fat.  In addition you are now left wide open for gut pathogens like bacteria, fungus, and parasites to inoculate themselves in your G.I. tract causing further insult to injury by creating their own toxins and a list of other common symptoms.

These pathogens may also be the reason you crave carbohydrates, sugar, and caffeine, which can therefore contribute to weight gain.

Fat Loss Tip #29- Get Your Gut Checked!

Here are some of the things we want to test:

  • Fungus
  • Parasites
  • Bacteria
  • Probiotic Levels
  • Digestion
  • Absorption
  • Leaky Gut

Many don’t quite understand the difference between the testing your doctor does and DNA stool testing.  The testing your doctor uses in one or two day stool collection gets sent to a lab technician who looks through a microscope to determine if you have any gut pathogens present.

Often these pathogens do not appear in the stool everyday, which makes them very hard to catch in a one or two day stool test.  On the other side we have advanced technology that uses DNA analysis in order to identify gut pathogens.  This test is up to 5000 times more sensitive at catching pathogens than the standard stool test.

This technology doesn’t even need to see a pathogen under microscope, as it can pick just five parts per million of a pathogen and identify it.  This test also screens for a much wider spectrum of pathogens than most other stool tests.  In the end what you get is a higher success rate in determining what is going on in your G.I. tract that might be contributing to your weight gain.

Test Don’t Guess! Let’s Get To The Bottom Of Things and Stop Wasting Money!

Again, I do not do the testing myself, but my friend and business partner, Johnny Suarez at Belmont Personal Training & Nutrition does and he is an expert. Feel free to search for someone on the web, but I do have an expert that I refer all my clients. The testing can also be done remotely so need to come into the office.

Contact Jonny Suarez for a complimentary 30 minute consultation to learn more about what might be going on in your G.I. tract, how it relates to your weight issue, and how to get your G.I. tract tested (650) 453-3180 or jonnysuarez898@gmail.com

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