Fat Loss Tip #34- Don’t Be A Creature Of Habit

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I am a big fan of getting into a Routine- Fat Loss Tip #21 and having structure, but a common fault I hear quite often is eating the same foods for each meal. Many people have a limited variety of food choices for their meals. Even people that have a smoothie for breakfast tend to make the same recipe daily.

Mix it up a little and enjoy what the benefits of food can bring you.

Fat Loss Tip #34-Don’t Be A Creature Of Habit With Your Food

Avoid eating the same foods daily. Mike Salemi explained how this tip was one of the keys to his weight & fat loss success: Mike’s 6% Body Fat Model

Food variety or food rotation are very important to maximize nutrients and prevent food sensitivities, intolerances and allergies. We all have these issues, but many are not aware.

You will see a very big rise in wheat sensitivities, gluten intolerance, and celiac disease in the next ten years. Technology is improving so we can better detect these problems; however, our food is not the same as it was only a few years ago. Our ability to deal with these foods is also less given our immune systems are compromised from the stress we encounter from air, land and water, as well as mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

Foods are highly processed… genetically altered, fortified, homogenized, pasteurized, irradiated and more. Our digestive, immune, and neuro-endocrine systems are overwhelmed…they are unable to deal with the stress, so inflammation results.

Less inflammation = better digestion = greater nutrient absorption = better elimination = more energy = greater fat loss and much more.

By eating the same foods daily you are likely to speed up the inflammatory process we all have (some just have more than others).

I had some gluten free rice based bread and corn this week and both times I experienced gas and belly distension. These are signs of inflammation, food intolerance and an overall stressed digestive system. If  ate these foods every day, I would have serious digestive issues and gain a considerable amount of belly fat. Given I want to feel my absolute best,  I will now be cutting out corn and rice for the next 3 months.

Rotate your foods in and out of your diet to ensure a wider variety of vitamins and minerals and other co-factors and reduce the likelihood of auto-immune reactions that occur when eating the same things over and over.

The most problematic foods tend to be dairy, eggs, nuts, soy, eggs, wheat, corn and gluten. Although, it could be anything you consume daily. Those who have the most problems are people that eat the same foods daily and have a high amount of stress in other areas (relationships, work, reduced sleep, lack of water).

Below is a food rotation model you can use to add variety to your meals to optimize nutrients, prevent boredom and reduce the likelihood food sensitivities, intolerances and allergies.

Day 1:

Nuts- Almond, Almond Milk, Almond Butter

Animal Protein: Chicken, Turkey, Ostrich, Eggs, Duck

Starchy Carb- Sweet Potato, Beets

Fruits: Strawberries

Veggies: Add a variety daily

Day 2:

Nuts-Walnuts, Flax Seeds, Pumpkin Seeds

Animal Protein: Fish

Starchy Carb- Corn (Organic Only), Carrots

Fruits: Blueberries

Veggies: Add a variety daily

Day 3:

Nuts- Cashews, Cashew Butter, Coconut Milk, Coconut Flakes,

Animal Protein: Beef, Buffalo, Cheese, Lamb, Veal

Starchy Carb- Butternut Squash, Oats

Fruits: Raspberries

Veggies: Add a variety daily

Day 4:

Nuts- Brazil Nuts, Hemp Milk, Sunflower Butter, Sunflower Seeds

Animal Protein:

*Could Be A Vegetarian Day: Chick Pea, Pea Protein, Beans, Lentils, Hemp Protein, Rice Protein

Starchy Carb- Rice, Squash

*Could also choose a no grain diet on this day (could be for all days)

Fruits: Cherries

Veggies: Add a variety daily

Again, the above is just a simple model. The animal proteins and nuts/seeds tend to be the most important foods to rotate.

The starches listed above were just to give you an example of variety. Most tend to eat wheat, white flour and gluten daily.  I have consumed very little grains since July 4th and every time I do, it is rarely positive. I do not necessarily have a gluten problem, but all grains seem to create digestive distress. There are many other sources of carbohydrates besides grains to acquire what we need for fuel. Cutting out grains does not necessarily mean a low carb diet- you can up the veggies, fruits, beans and lentils and have great energy.

The  fruits & vegetables were not my major concern above because they tend to have less associated food sensitivities, intolerances and allergies. The best model for fruits & veggies is to eat local and organic. This will automatically give you a seasonal change in your diet and you don’t even have to think about it.

Support your local farmers and shop at the famers markets.
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